Best Cobbler Sewing Machine for Every Pocket

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A sewist would love to have all the needed tools in his arsenal.

Whether professionals, hobbyists, or crafters, nothing beats having the best tools for the trade; you may want to deal with whatever material as efficiently as possible.

A cobbler sewing machine is a good idea; you can have a machine to deal with your shoes any time of day.

Be they repair, decoration or crafting, a cobbler sewing machine would be of great help, and in this case, way better than a regular one.

So let us look among the best cobbler machines around, from those affordable to heavy-duty, and see which one will fit you.

The Best Cobbler Sewing Machine: Our Top Picks

Cobbler sewing machines could be handy or heavy and inexpensive or pricey. But we have a lot here from which you can choose.

1. FamYun Hand Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine: Best Price

As the name indicates, its primary purpose is shoe repair, and it can handle all kinds of shoes: leather shoes, rubber shoes, sneakers, high heels, etc.

But even better, it can take other sewing projects, like raincoats, clothes, leather bags, and other leather products.

FamYun Hand Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine

It is a tripod stand machine, so there is no need for a table, and it has a free arm for reaching places in fabric. Hand-made by metal artisans, it is durable and can sew thread on heavy and thick materials.

Its accessories include two bobbins and two bobbin covers, a cotton coil, a screwdriver and iron wire for assembling, a needle, and a little rocking arm. It also comes with sheet metal and an instruction manual.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use and operate
  • With a tripod stand, you do not need any table
  • A silent operator
  • For its price, it is reliable and durable
  • Efficient performance
  • Very stable and rigid due to iron cast material
  • A long-lasting cobbler sewing machine


  • It would be best to sand the presser foot so it will not leave marks on the fabric.
  • Tripod is flimsy
  • Need constant maintenance
  • Offers only a 3-month warranty

Verdict: This is one of the cheapest cobbler sewing machines, so it cannot compare with elite, high-end ones. But for its purpose, like repairs and sewing some projects now and then, it may be enough.

Considering the price of around a hundred dollars ($119.99 on Amazon) and its build, you must not expect much from it. Except it can sew thread on heavy fabrics and do it quite efficiently.

2. YEQIN Leather Patcher Sewing Machine: Best For Leather Crafters

Some cobbler sewing machines are very efficient, but some are built specifically for leather crafters; the features suit them well.

This machine belongs to the second type, the one leather crafters of all kinds would love to have.

YEQIN Leather Patcher Sewing Machine

A cylinder bed machine with a 360-degree rotating pressing foot that allows you to sew in any direction can sew thread on various fabrics, not just leather shoes or the like.

It can take on heavy materials, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and canvas.

More of a jump foot sewing machine than a walking one, this machine can be driven either by motor or manually. It is excellent for those who want to do precision, quality stitching.

 It can do 500 stitches per minute, enough to maximize the efficiency of this machine in stitching thread to leather.


  • This one can either be hand or mechanically operated.
  • It has a wide throat, measuring 12 inches.
  • The cylinder bed is ideal for leather crafting and repair of all types of leather products, like leather bags, cloth shoes, etc.
  • The low-speed stitching is excellent for precision and quality.


  • It does not include a table stand motor
  • It would be best to sand it to avoid marks on the material.

Verdict: This might be the one if you are a leather crafter looking for the perfect cobbler sewing machine.

It does not pack much power and speed but has enough to give the performance you need for practicing your craft.

Others might think they are paying too much at nearly nine hundred dollars. But this one is a guaranteed, high-performing cobbler sewing machine that can take any material for repair or crafting.

3. IronWalls Leather Sewing Machine

This cobbler sewing machine is vital if you want to work all day and night without disturbing anyone. This walking foot sewing machine can take on various thick fabrics, not just leather, and can take on many sewing projects, like different leather products, shoes to bags.

IronWalls Leather Sewing Machine

This machine can use three kinds of thread: cotton, silk, and nylon, so that you can choose one appropriate for the fabric or your sewing project.

It boasts an excellent hand crank, different from the ones used by other hand-driven sewing machines; this makes it easier and more comfortable to use.


  • A walking foot machine with 360-degree rotation capability.
  • Easy to use and operate
  • It can take on thick fabrics and heavy material, especially leather.
  • Excellent bobbing mechanism
  • Very durable because made of iron.
  • This one is a very silent sewing machine.
  • Very affordable


  • Setting up the sewing machine takes time.
  • Some complained about missing parts upon delivery.

Verdict: Aside from being a great silent operator, the best asset of this machine is that it can work on different materials using different threads, so it has variety and broad applicability.

You can have it at a very reasonable price ($129 on Amazon).

4. Juki DNU-1541 Industrial Walking foot Sewing Machine: Best Heavy Duty

If you want to make leather crafting and repair your business, this one from Juki is the ideal option. It can operate all year long, on a daily, consistent basis, hassle-free, and with excellent efficiency.

Juki DNU-1541 Industrial Walking foot Sewing Machine

Professional leather crafters will enjoy this one, but so will those cobblers working with shoes of all types, more so with leather.

It can work on thick leather, even several layers; with Juki, you have a powerful machine for crafting shoes and leather products.

What is excellent about this Juki machine is its rectangular feed motion that allows easy feeding of material; irregular stitches would be the least of your worry.

And regardless of the thickness of the leather, it provides the same excellent performance and quality stitching.


  • It can take on thick leather, perfect for crafting shoes and other leather products.
  • The machine has a safety mechanism for users.
  • It provides the sewist with every essential he needs: lighting, excellent quality stitching, comfort, performance, and speed.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.


  • Very heavy, you must install it in your ideal working area.
  • More suited for advanced users and professional sewists, and leather crafters.
  • Very expensive

Verdict: This one is the perfect industrial sewing machine for cobblers: it has power, performance, quality stitching, and is durable and reliable.

It can power and sew thread on any leather, but the rectangular feed motion might be its best feature.

Due to its imposing weight and prohibitive price, it may be only for professional cobblers and leather crafters who want to use it for business, definitely not for ordinary hobbyists.

5. ColouredPeas Cobbler Sewing Machine Repair: Best For Shoe Repair

If you want a cobbler sewing machine that is thoroughly efficient in repairing leather shoes, bags, and other leather items, you can go with this reliable one.

It is durable, hand-made sewing equipment that can fix those leather parts that are difficult to reach by ordinary sewing machines.

ColouredPeas Cobbler Sewing Machine Repair

You can match this hand-driven machine with a motor, but as is, it provides quality and excellent stitching, ideal for small sewing projects.


  • The ideal one for repairs, the features are made for reaching those far edges of the leather material.
  • Very affordable


  • Primarily ideal for leather and not for other fabrics.
  • It does not come with a stand
  • The thread is 3×3, perfect for shoes but not other leather materials.
  • It needs constant maintenance and lubrication.

Verdict: If you are a pure cobbler engaged in shoe repair and nothing else, this one is ideal. Perfect, too, if you want another sewing machine in your arsenal, one suited for repair and nothing else.

An extra hundred dollars or more will not hurt.

6. Consew 206RB-5: The Ultimate Cobbler Sewing Machine

This one is the best machine for cobblers, for it is heavy duty and can deal with many sewing projects consistently without sacrificing efficiency and performance.

Though expensive, the price is reasonable considering what it brings to the table.

Consew 206RB-5

 It has a stitch length of up to 10mm, way longer than those afforded by other sewing machines, so it can deal with various fabrics and materials.

And at 3,300 stitches per minute, it is speedy but does not make much noise. It has a central lubrication system, so you need not worry much about maintaining it.


  • It is heavy-duty and can deal with leather and other thick materials consistently.
  • It provides excellent, consistent, quality stitching.
  • Very fast at 3300 stitches per minute
  • The stitch length could be up to 10mm.
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • It comes with many accessories.


  • A very heavy sewing machine, you must install it in your ideal working area.
  • It eats up a lot of space.
  • Not for beginner or intermediate users.
  • Very expensive

Verdict: This one is not a handy cobbler sewing machine; this one is for those who handle many sewing projects or do bulk orders.

Finishing those sewing projects on time will not be an issue due to its speed, and with excellent performance and efficiency, there is no dip in quality.

This one is more for business but can handle repairs and other issues. This one, though, is quite a complicated machine, best left for the advanced users and the best of cobblers.

Conclusion: Things to Consider

You need to buy the cobbler sewing machine that you need, and as such, there are inexpensive ones, the ones you can buy without hurting your pocket.

Suffice it to say, however, that there are things you need to consider, whether you are purchasing inexpensive ones for repair or buying the ultimate cobbler sewing machine for business.

As a rule, the higher the quality, the more advanced its features, and the more accessories, the higher the price.

If you want to have a real cheap cobbler sewing machine, you need to make some sacrifices and must be content with bare essentials.

Your skill level will also matter: if you are skilled enough, you can handle the ones with more complicated features, whether expensive or inexpensive.

Usually, those machines for repair are not that complicated, easy to use, and handy.

The reason for buying a cobbler sewing machine, the intended use, will ultimately matter. The best sewing machine for you is the one that will suit its purpose but is still high performing, of good quality, and comes at a reasonable price.

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