Brother LB5000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

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A combo machine, one that has both sewing and embroidery capabilities, entails many advantages to a sewist. He can do what most sewists do with a regular sewing machine.

Still, on the other hand, he can also make designs, one that a hobbyist or embroiderer is very adept at doing with an embroidery machine.

Having a combo machine is the best of both worlds; it saves time and money but also gives you the benefit of both.

And of many combo machines, Brother LB5000 is one liked by many sewists.

Most Brother LB5000 sewing and embroidery machine reviews have been favorable, but why?

We will look at it closely, what it brings to the table, and why many experts love this combo machine.

The Brother LB5000


Brother has provided the sewing public with superior, cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use sewing machines for many years.

A Brother sewing machine never fails to surprise us, and just when you think there is no room for innovation, they will come up with something new.

A few years back, Brother came up with embroidery machines capable of doing famous characters from movie franchises.

This computerized embroidery machine belongs to those having a Star Wars edition, one that features Darth Vader from the George Lucas creation and the ones from Stan Lee, that of Marvel.

This Brother embroidery machine LB may have appealed to many sewists and hobbyists because of that, but that could not be the main reason why many Brother LB5000 reviews are favorable.

If ever, Star Wars and Marvel are nothing but icing on the cake.

This embroidery machine review will look closely at some features to know what makes Brother LB5000.

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The Main Features Of Brother LB

The most easily noticeable aspect of this Brother sewing machine is the LCD, part of the advanced technological features of the combo machine.

The LCD makes it very easy to operate, allowing you to do everything, from running the physical aspects, like installing the bobbin and the needle threader, to editing the designs.

The next noticeable thing is the embroidery working area. This one has 4×4 inches, not large by any standard; it may be one of the miniature ones.

It suggests already what type of material or sewing projects the Brother LB5000 could handle.

But it also has a pretty extensive throat area, which makes this one capable of quilting and free-motion sewing.

That feature adds to the machine’s versatility, for it can handle quite a large size of a sewing project, whether for sewing or embroidery.

Opening the box, you can see the parts are other accessories; a power cord, foot pedal, scissors, an embroidery hoop, bobbins, a seam ripper, a screwdriver, etc.

Depending on the version, you can either have free Marvel designs or a free Star Wars, ten of them.

The designs are appealing and vital to some sewists, but one type of essential accessory that many sewists would love is the presser foot.

This one includes additional seven presser feet: a buttonhole foot, a zigzag foot, a zipper foot, button sewing, blind stitch, overcasting, and monogramming.

It comes with an embroidery foot.

It offers many options for the sewist: it has 80 built-in embroidery designs and 103 built-in stitches.

There are many options for beginners, but intermediate users and advanced sewists would surely love a plethora of choices.

Looking at the specs, we can easily deduce that it has versatility, but one that can give the user much ease and comfort in sewing.

The 103 sewing stitches are many, and the built-in embroidery designs are plenty, but the best thing is that you can upload other embroidery designs if you want.

This one will make it easier for anyone to see; no wonder many beginners and first-timers on a computerized sewing machine love this one, but the specs must result in a good performance, and how good is Brother LB5000?

The Performance of Brother LB5000

The machine has a sewing speed of 710 stitches per minute, not as fast as other sewing machines, but a very decent one considering it is a combo machine.

It can give excellent, high-quality stitches for sewing and embroidery, and the result would be a fine-piece sewing project.

But one thing about it: it cannot deal with heavy fabrics and materials.

This one is more suitable for light fabrics, and considering its size, specs, and even the designs, we can say that Brother made the machine for delicate fabrics.

This one is a silent operator, not as quiet as other high-end machines, but relatively noiseless compared to others.

The noise it produces is tolerable at best, and if you sew or embroider during the day, when there is so much noise, you can hardly hear it.

What About Durability?

The Brother LB5000 may look cute, and with Marvel and Star Wars designs, even more so, but this is a very imposing machine. Despite that, however, it is considerably light, at 14 pounds.

It is not as light as other machines, but a combo machine to be portable is a great advantage.

To say that this machine is heavy-duty may seem to be a stretch. Still, it is durable and reliable, which is significant considering its build, materials, and parts.

And since it deals mainly with light fabrics, you do not expect it to break down under stress.

But if for some reason it does, the Brother Machine warranty got you covered.

What Other Customers Love And Don’t Love

 Why do most experts love it? Here are the reasons:

The Designs

The Designs

Who does not love Star Wars and Marvel? Given a chance, most of us would do designs of them to please our kids or friends or earn an income making them.

But aside from it, you can upload designs, so many options exist.

Easy Operability

Most sewists and hobbyists attest to the excellent ease and comfort of using it, and we can’t help but agree.

The advanced technology and automatic features are easy to use, making it easy to run the machine, while the uploading and editing are easy to follow.

High Performance

Many experts love how it stitches and handles light fabrics.

It glides through the material seamlessly but provides top high-quality stitches, giving a professional edge to your sewing project.

The speed is decent, and since the embroidery area is small, it may be more than enough to handle them.

Very Affordable

Considering everything like the stitch options, embroidery design, advanced technology automatic features, ease of use, and reliability, this one has a very reasonable price.

It is not inexpensive, but it provides what you need for a reasonable price.

Why would some choose a somewhat different machine? Here are some reasons:

It is not for Thick Fabric

Those dealing with heavy fabrics will be disappointed, for the Brother LB5000 is not adept at handling them.

That limits its versatility; it can only deal with specific sewing projects, whether for embroidery or sewing.

It Has No Embroidery Software

Well, you can install one, but you have to buy it; this machine does not have a free one.

An embroidery software would be a tremendous advantage for customizing embroidery designs, but we have to consider that the price may also go up.

Small Embroidery Working Area

Some will genuinely want a larger working area to make embroidery, which is not the case with this one.

The embroidery hoop is also only 4×4; if you want a larger one, you need to buy one.

Why Buy Brother LB5000?

You can have significant benefits from this machine if you are:

A Beginner

Brother LB5000 might be one of the better combo machines for beginners, with all its features and accessories.

You can quickly master the machine and put it into use in no time.

The price also makes it appealing; you need not spend that much on a combo machine if you can have one that is as effective and with many options as others. That is what Brother LB5000 brings to you.

One Looking For An Excellent Combo Machine

It has excellent options, is durable, and is reliable, it may not be as versatile as other expensive ones, but it is very serviceable.

This one will never disappoint if you want a combo machine that you expect to run for years.

Excellent Combo Machine

It is one of the best in terms of performance; though you cannot deal with heavy fabrics, you can deal with various light ones.

The stitches it provides are impressive; you can have a fine sewing project every time you use it.

A Big Marvel Or Star Wars Fan

The designs available here are from those two movie franchises, and you need not spend your time looking for them; they are already here.

You need to choose which of the two appeals to you.

But those movie franchises are worth billions of dollars; they have many fans.

Having people or clients to cater using those designs will surely be no problem.


Brother LB5000 sewing machine and reviews are all favorable because it is an excellent, high-performing combo machine.

It can give you high-quality stitches, a mark of a true professional.

And you can do that without much hassle or difficulty; you only have to concentrate on your craft and nothing else.

It provides you with many choices for stitch options and embroidery designs, the most important being that of Star Wars and Marvel.

But the best thing about it is that if you ever want more options, you can upload some designs or buy your embroidery software.

In this case, you can maximize what this machine offers.

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