Top 5 Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine Combo

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Sewists want the best sewing machine they can put their hands on.

We are no different from other artisans and craftsmen who need the best material, medium, and equipment for their craft.

It is the same for those engaged in embroidery; nothing beats the best embroidery machine.

As such, the artisans search for those with the best features to have the best embroidery experience and work on the best embroidery project they have.

But with technological innovations, it is now possible to have both sewing and embroidery in one machine.

Having the combo, they can not work on sewing and embroidery projects, saving time and other vital resources.

But we have to ask what is the best sewing and embroidery machine around, for not all are the same and have the same features.

Like other sewing equipment, they differ in target users, performance, quality, and price.

So let us now look at different sewing and embroidery machines and see which is best for you.

Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine: Our Top Picks

1. Brother SE600: Best for Beginners

This combo machine is an excellent choice for beginners because of two things: It is so easy to use, and it is very much affordable.

You can also add to that the fact that it is from Brother, one of the best makers of cutting-edge embroidery machines, at a very reasonable price.


Brother SE600 offers just enough features that allow beginners to master both the craft of sewing and embroidery simultaneously.

It has 80 embroidery designs and 103 built-in stitches, which could be of great use in a 4×4 embroidery area.

It features an automatic needle threader which saves time and an LCD screen that allows you to operate the machine with great ease and comfort.

It has eight presser feet and several accessories, such as four bobbins, a needle set, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver, and spool caps.

The maximum embroidery speed is 400 stitches per minute, whereas the full sewing speed is 710 stitches per minute.

Both are enough to give the novice the necessary pace without overwhelming them, but speed adjustment is possible if the user finds the embroidery combo machine too fast.


  • It is effortless to use and operate.
  • It is not a demanding sewing machine; the user can quickly learn the basics using this.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It has an embroidery arm, which makes it ideal for quilting too.


  • The embroidery area of 4×4 inches may be pretty small.

Verdict: You have a beginner sewing and embroidery machine to develop the users’ skills and encourage them to do sewing and embroidery.

This Brother embroidery machine will encourage them; they will love both activities.

Best of all, you have both options for the price of one and a very affordable one.

If ever you want to encourage someone to do both activities and want them to develop their craft and liking to both, better give this one as a gift.

2. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000: Best For Home Business

If you want a powerful, computerized sewing machine to deal with large sewing projects that can save time doing both, you better have this Janome memory craft.

One of the more advanced sewing machines from Janome, this Janome Memory Craft is excellent, too, in embroidery.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000

This Janome embroidery machine has 350 decorative designs and 11 embroidery fonts with two and three letters monogramming functions; you cannot run out of options.

It has 400 built-in stitches and thirteen one-step buttonhole features, and with its excellent throat, perfect too for quilting.

It has much sewing speed of 1000 stitches per minute and an excellent embroidery area of 9.1″ x11.8″.

So, it can handle large sewing projects and put large embroidery designs; you need not worry about size if you have this one.


  • An absolute, powerful sewing and embroidery machine
  • It has an excellent embroidery working area.
  • It has an extensive long throat ideal for quilting.
  • It has 10 LED lamps for more excellent sewing and embroidery visibility.
  • It provides the user with a lot of decorative and stitch options
  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • The advanced technology and automatic features are excellent.


  • It is one of the more expensive machines from Janome.

Verdict: This Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000 embroidery sewing machine has so much excellence and versatility.

It can do both, but it is perfect for quilting, too, making it an ideal sewing machine for the home business.

Not only can it do those things, but it can also do that faster, with a high level of excellence, and at great comfort for the user.

It can deal with all fabrics and materials efficiently, providing you with quality stitches and impressive embroidery designs.

3. Bernette B79: Best Heavy Duty

This computerized machine from the trusted brand Bernina is probably the toughest and most reliable.

Very durable and sturdy, it gives sewists and artisans the power and the speed to deal with any fabric and material.

Bernette B79

It is made mainly of metal, which makes it one of the most formidable combo machines around, but it is fast, sporting speeds of 850 stitches per minute for machine embroidery and 1000 stitches per minute for sewing.

The stitches and design are consistent and of fantastic quality.

It gives you many options: 208 embroidery designs and more than five hundred built-in stitches, but you can customize your own decorative and stitch designs if you want.

It has excellent features and accessories: It has a knee lifter and LED lights for great sewing and embroidery experience and provides an excellent long table to give you a larger working area.

The 6.3″ x10.2 embroidery area is far more extensive than most embroidery machines, much more for a combo type like this.


  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • It is very durable and sturdy and of excellent Bernina quality.
  • It offers many options for users.
  • It has impressive features and accessories.
  • Ideal for all skill types, from beginners to advanced users.
  • It has a perfect machine-price ratio.


  • It takes nearly a minute to start the machine.

Verdict: If you are in a hurry, a less than a minute delay may worry you, but aside from this minor drawback, this one from Bernina is as excellent as it can be.

It is a real powerhouse combo machine but user-friendly, with all its outstanding features, advanced technology, and accessories.

And you will never run out of options with Bernette B79, but still, if nothing satisfies your taste, you can create your designs.

4. Brother SE1900: Most Versatile

Other sewists prefer a machine with many functions, a sewing and embroidery machine that can give them the best of all possible worlds, which is what Brother SE1900 affords to the user.

Brother SE1900

It has 138 embroidery designs but has an impressive eleven frame forms and another eleven for font designs, quite an array of excellent options for embroidery.

For sewing, it has 240 built-in stitches and ten buttonhole stitches; one would never really run out of options with this one.

But its automatic features are more than impressive: they are genuinely fantastic.

It has an automatic needle threader, an excellent bobbin system, a knee lifter, an automatic thread cutter, reverse stitching, automatic thread tension, and others.

The advanced technology, including LED lights and a large, colorful LCD screen, makes it truly outstanding. To top it all, it has a free arm that also makes it function as a quilting machine.


  • It is a very versatile Brother sewing machine that can do a lot of functions.
  • It has excellent automatic features and impressive advanced technology.
  • It provides the user with excellent options for embroidery designs and stitches.
  • It has software that allows the user to customize designs.
  • It has an embroidery area of 5×7 inches.


  • It is pretty expensive

Verdict: It can give you pretty much everything regarding what you need about sewing and embroidery.

It has speed, power, and excellent quality stitching; it can give you a wide array of options for embroidery design and stitching and has fantastic accessories.

It may have a smaller embroidery area and probably not be as heavy-duty as others.

Still, it is a formidable combo machine, ideal for sewing and embroidery, and an excellent use for every user of varying skills.

5. Singer Legacy S300: Best Portable

This one will suit those who want to do sewing and embroidery outside their homes or wish to attend a sewing class. It is pretty versatile, and it has a large embroidery field area.

Singer Legacy SE300

It also provides many options for the user, with its 200 built-in designs and 250 built-in stitches.

It also has decent features and technology, like an automatic needle threader and an LDC touchscreen for more excellent navigation and operation.

It has ten presser feet to deal with a lot of fabric and material.


  • It has excellent stitching and design options for the sewist.
  • It has an embroidery area of 10 1/4×6 inches.
  • It has a tremendous speed, 800 stitches per minute for sewing and 700 stitches per minute for embroidery.
  • It is very light and portable.


  • It is expensive
  • Not as superb as other heavy-duty combo machines.

Verdict: The machine also offers many options and has a wide embroidery area, which is easy to use and operate.

But it is also very light and portable, so those who are outgoing may be the ones who will benefit from having this machine from Singer.

It is of great quality but not as excellent as others, and coupled with the price; it might be a real drawback.

Things to Consider

The best sewing and embroidery machine must have excellent features in both; it must be well-rounded and have excellent performance in both aspects. So there are things you must look into.

Embroidery Options

What does it offer you concerning embroidery; Does it have a large area, offer you a lot of embroidery designs, and can you customize your embroidery designs or not?

These are the things that will matter for the embroidery aspects.

A larger embroidery area means larger designs, larger room to operate, and many options means many possibilities concerning design. If you can customize it, your options will be limitless.

The speed also matters for you can finish many sewing projects with a faster machine. If you are doing embroidery for business, the pace is essential.

Excellent Sewing Facets

Speed and power are necessary, especially for advanced users and those sewing for business. But it must also have a lot of excellent features, like presser foot options, a knee lifter, buttonhole, and stitch options.

It would be best, too, if it had impressive advanced technology and automatic features to make sewing faster and more convenient.

The Price

You can have the best sewing and embroidery machine by balancing all those excellent features with high quality, top performance, and impressive durability.

But it would be best if you could have them at a price reasonable and fair.

There are many options concerning this combo machine, but most are expensive.

It would be fine if you have a budget, but if you are operating on a tight one, you can look for high-quality ones with excellent features that are inexpensive.

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