Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

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Many consider the Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine to be the elite, one of the best from Brother.

It does not matter whether we are talking of a pure embroidery machine, a regular sewing machine, or a combo machine; Brother SE1900 can do both excellently.

Brother SE1900 reviews are highly favorable; experts and customers love what it offers.

There are so many positives about it and very few drawbacks, almost negligible; no wonder it belongs to the most sought-after Brother sewing machines.

But what makes Brother Se1900 stand out, both as a Brother sewing machine and as a sewing and embroidery machine in general?

Let us have an embroidery machine review and look closely at one of the more distinguished combo machines in the market today.

The Brother SE1900

Brother SE1900

This Brother SE machine first hit the stands in early 2018 and has quickly become a favorite among many sewists and hobbyists.

They love its geometry, build, and design; it has that white color that is the trademark of Brother machines and retains nearly the same features that are the fixture of most of their combo machines.

Only this time, Brother SE1900 has more options, has a larger embroidery area, and has more excellence in its performance, though it pretty much retains reliability and durability.

The excellent advanced technology employed also remained.

As with other combo machines, especially Brother SE400 and Brother SE600, it has many user-friendly features that appeal to both beginners and advanced users.

It has many accessories needed by sewists and embroiders to have a great sewing and embroidery experience.

Looking closely, are there features of Brother SE1900 that make it different, a cut above the rest?

Main Features of Brother SE1900

Most Brother SE1900 reviews never fail to mention how different it is from other combo machines, especially those also manufactured by Brother.

The first thing that stands out is the larger embroidery area, measuring 5×7 inches.

It is larger than the usual 4×4 inches employed by Brother SE400 and Brother SE600 but the same as that of Brother PE800. The reason is obvious: This one has to balance both the sewing and embroidery capabilities.

But the options it provides suggest that it is already several notches higher: it has 138 built-in embroidery designs and 240 built-in stitches. That is nearly double what Brother SE600 offers, but like others, you can also upload your design, edit or customize them.

Talking about design and stitch options, that is a vast improvement from others, but it retains those excellent advanced technology features, like the LCD touch screen and the LED light for greater visibility.

But this one also includes numerous accessories; it has seven presser feet and retains others such as bobbins, knee lifters, and others.

But even as you increase the number of options for designs and built-in stitches, the operability remains the same. It is still very much user-friendly, the advanced technology is easy to master, and the automatic features remain excellent.

It has a free arm, ideal for handling numerous projects, and is ideal for free motion sewing and quilting.

Performance of Brother SE1900

It has the same accuracy and precision stitching as others and exhibits the same embroidery speed of 400 stitches per minute.

It is obvious that Brother wants to up the ante concerning sewing capabilities.


This one has a sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, considerably faster than SE600 and others. That though is not that much, and beginners and users alike should have no trouble handling the speed.

But that is still a considerable upgrade. Faster sewing means more projects are finished, at least in that aspect.

It means it can handle more material for sewing; it means more sewing projects.

And with a larger embroidery area, no doubt this machine embroidery is up to the task. By employing more designs, and built-in stitch options, the machine is more than adept at handling a wide variety of sewing projects and fabric.

In short, this sewing and embroidery machine is already heavy-duty and can take on numerous tasks and a varied one.

How Durable is Brother SE1900?

More options, more speed, and more tasks suggest that this one has far more durability and is more reliable than others.

It is considerably lighter than others, at 22 pounds, but that in no way suggests that it is portable. You can move it anywhere in your house, but this is not the one you bring outside your home for camping or sewing classes.

And you must be careful; it does not come with a protective cover. There is a great possibility of damage once you mishandle the machine as you move it.

But talking about sewing, it is as tough as it can be, very durable, and reliable. But if something goes wrong, talking about its durability, there is a 25-year warranty that comes with it.

The Pros of Brother SE1900

It Is User-Friendly

Most Brother machines are easy to use and operate, but this one may top most of them. The excellent features, like tension default, thread cutting, and reverse stitching, make things easier for sewing.

The bobbin system works wonders too.

But the stitching it provides is even better, it is effortless and very smooth. You can do forward stitching, reverse, and even sideways; that makes for comfortable sewing.

The advanced technology features, like the LCD touch screen, also make for comfortable sewing, but what is best here is the options for designs and stitching. You can edit them and customize them according to your desire.

It Provides You with Many Options

Customizing them, however, may even be unnecessary, with so many embroidery designs and built-in stitches available. With many accessories too, like seven sewing feet, you can have many options for sewing, but if you think you need more, you can buy another presser foot.

A sewing machine sometimes has only a few built-in stitches, and pure embroidery machines usually have some. But for a combo machine to have so many stitches and designs is astonishing.

And since you can upload designs and customize or edit what is already there, you have limitless options.

And with a larger embroidery area, you can have larger designs and more leeway for your sewing projects. You can never really run out of ideas and options using Brother SE1900.

Better Quality and Performance

All of those mentioned, however, will be for naught if the machine does not give excellent quality stitches for sewing and embroidery, which is the more obvious point. Fortunately, far from sacrificing quality, it provides consistent, high-quality stitches, which may be better than others.

And in sewing, it is faster than others but remains durable and can sew thread on various fabrics. If the features are excellent and the machine gives you ease and comfort, the performance and the stitches are also impressive.

Cons of Brother Se1900

The Price

The question is not if it is expensive, but rather, for some added features, comfort, and excellence, would one need to spend more than a thousand dollars?

There is no doubt that the price is reasonable and fair, but others may contend that take away a few features, you can have a machine at par but considerably cheaper.

Lack of Embroidery Software

Brother SE1900 does not come with embroidery software. You need to purchase one if you want one on your machine.

Why Buy Brother SE1900?

You can benefit tremendously from using Brother SE1900 if you are:

In Search of An Elite Combo Machine

Some combo machines are good for sewing, not for embroidery, and vice versa and some provide you with lesser options and are not easy or comfortable to use. But Brother SE1900 is good in both, has more options, and is very easy to use.

The best thing still, it is also durable and very reliable. It can give you the performance you want and provide quality stitches for your sewing project.

A Hobbyist Who Enjoys Both Sewing and Embroidery

We love excellence in our machines, but more so if it is user-friendly, practicing our craft would be effortless.  We have more room for artistic expression and experimentation due to the editing options and customization features of the machine.

And we can work on it on a far larger embroidery area and have larger designs than usual. Overall, having a combo machine that gives us many options and freedom in embroidery patterns is very appealing to hobbyists and artisans.

A Beginner Who Wants to Learn Quickly


Most want to deal only with stitching and embroidery and do not want the unnecessary hassles and difficulties like needle threading, thread cutting, and the like.

As you need to master those things, some may find it a nuisance and would instead concentrate on what matters most.

We consider this user-friendly because you need not deal with many of those things. You can concentrate on learning and practicing the craft, and the Brother SE1900 embroidery machine offers everything to facilitate learning and progress in sewing and embroidery.

So, if you want to forgo some things and quickly dive into the art of sewing and embroidery, having this one will be of significant help.


The lack of any downside or major drawback is probably why Brother SE1900 reviews are highly favorable. With all those positives, it is a combo machine that is likable at least, highly rated, and well-loved by others at best.

What prevents others from having it is the pretty high price. Brother SE1900 is more than double the price of Brother SE600 and Brother SE400 and may prevent it from being a top seller.

Others may contend that given a few takeaways and price considerations, the two are way better than Brother SE1900. But this Brother embroidery machine also doubles the options, has a larger embroidery area, and provides excellent quality stitching and comfort.

As our Brother SE1900 review shows, there is no doubt that it is one of the better combo machines around. Considering everything it affords, the price is reasonable, and the machine is worth it.

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