7 Best Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting

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Quilting has been around since the dawn of civilization, and throughout millennia, people have invented various technologies to improve the quality of sewing and quilting.

With innovation and the improvement of technology, people everywhere have come up with the most beautiful art and designs.

More than this, people have been able to manufacture textile products in large quantities and so short a period. That led to intense competition among companies and businesses that can produce many cloth or fabrics and make them available quickly.

Large throat sewing machines are one technology that can instantly make quick work for clothing and other textile products. A sewing machine with a large throat can make one beautiful tapestry.

With one sweep, you can finish the quilting in no time at all if you have this technology.

It is essential then to have large throat sewing machines. But do they differ from other sewing machines?

And where can we find large throat sewing machines for quilting?

Why Large Throat Sewing Machines?

If you are doing quilting, you need large sewing machines to finish many textile products in a short span. It has more than enough space to handle large projects like quilting and can make the quilting process quicker and easier.

An embroidery machine with a wide throat can do the stitch for oversized clothing, or textile products, without needing to fold the material.

We know the sewing machine’s throat by measuring the distance between the needle and the arm of the device. It is usual to have wide throat sewing machines with a 9 inches gap between the throat and the arm.

Some, though, can extend to as wide as 18 inches, maybe longer. Suffice it to say, however, the wider the throat, the larger the space you can operate and the less hassle and more comfort.

The sewing machines with minor throats can handle small textile products like simple clothing.

In comparison, the large throat sewing machine can handle massive projects, textile materials, and garments. They can take on curtains, elegant long dresses, and big blankets.

A large throat sewing machine for regular stitching or embroidery is essential if you want to save time and have more comfort and less hassle. But, of course, not all sewing machines, large throat sewing machines, are created equal.

It is, therefore, essential to look at the best quilting sewing machines with a large harp currently available in the market.

The Best Large Throat Sewing Machines: Our Picks

Here are the best longarm quilting machines available today:

1. Janome Memory Craft 6650: The Best Pound For Pound

This versatile, heavy-duty longarm quilting machine has a vast throat space and an extension table that you can use for large projects. It also has excellent features, including an automated needle threader, large cone and spool storage, and a very efficient automatic thread cuter.

Janome Memory Craft 6650

It can do a straight stitch and free motion quilting; it is versatile and ideal for home use and manufacturing and selling products.


  • A potent quilting sewing machine
  • A silent operator
  • Solid and durable
  • Excellent too for free motion quilting
  • Produces excellent stitches
  • very suitable for large projects
  • excellent control system


  • very heavy
  • knee lift is not available
  • ยผ-inch presser foot not included

Verdict: Aside from a few drawbacks, Janome Memory Craft 6650 is excellent because of its wide sewing area and beautiful stitches. It is the best large throat quilting machine, balancing everything, from the efficiency to the length of the throat to the arm.

2. Juki Hzl F300: The Best Price

If you are new to quilting, you need a lot of margin for error and one that is most affordable too. This sewing machine provides much of that without sacrificing efficiency and the quality of stitches.

Juki Hzl F300


  • User friendly
  • A solid and sturdy quilting machine
  • A silent operator
  • Smooth feeding and sewing
  • Excellent stitching


  • Some issues with the automatic thread needle
  • Bobbin winder sometimes is not working
  • It does not include a knee lift

Verdict: Juki HZL F300 has some minor issues, but considering the price and the user, having some learning curve, specs-wise, would not hurt that much.

3. Baby Lock Solaris Vision: The Most Hi-Tech

Now, if you are looking for one with an extensive throat, you cannot go wrong with Baby Lock Solaris Vision. This computerized sewing machine has a throat clearance of 13.1 inches, one of the larger ones among sewing machines.

Baby Lock Solaris Vision

The embroidery machine has a max sewing speed of 1,050 stitches per minute and has 1,500 sewing stitches.


  • It sports a vast throat space
  • Excellent technology
  • Nearly perfect quilting and stitching due to that technology
  • It has a built-in trademark technology, like Disney designs


  • At nearly $10,000, it is one of the most expensive large throat sewing machines.

Verdict: All the excellent features and technologies employed by Baby Lock Solaris Vision comes at a prohibitive price. If you think you can benefit from the technology, you can sell many products using them; it might be worth the money.

4. Brother PQ1500SL: The Most Powerful Sewing

This sewing machine is famous for its ability to sew from the thinnest of fabric to the very thick ones. It has a massive working area, and an excellent thread management system makes it appealing to many.

Brother PQ1500SL


  • The 54-square-inch working space
  • Its fast, free-motion quilting capability
  • It includes an extension table
  • Very affordable
  • It comes with a knee lifter
  • Excellent stitching quality
  • Very fast


  • Only straight stitch is available
  • The bobbin case is not transparent

Verdict: The excellent features outweighs the minor drawbacks mentioned. This large throat sewing machine is appealing at a fair and reasonable price.

5. King Quilter 2: The Largest Throat Area

They do not call this one “king” for nothing. If we can consider a 9-inch harp a large throat area, wait till you see the 18-inch throat of King Quilter 2.

King Quilter 2

At least for this review, no one comes close to the massive gap between the needle and the arm. An 18-inch is a considerable gap, but wait until you see the ample workspace this quilting machine affords the user.

But King quilter 2 is noteworthy because of the large throat and working area. It is also notable due to some of its features, especially its technology.

It has touchscreens measuring seven inches and a computerized pro stitcher system, a significant advantage over the others. Overall, it has an excellent control system that makes stitching and sewing smooth and seamless.


  • It has a vast throat at 18 inches
  • Extensive working area
  • It can do 2,200 stitches per minute
  • Excellent precision technology
  • Excellent Bobbin


  • This one is expensive, even when compared to the earlier version.
  • The quilting machine is susceptible to temperature changes.

Verdict: The drawback of this sewing machine can be considered minor, and if you can deal with them, you should have no problems with King Quilter 2.

The extensive throat and working area are too good to pass on, and so are the excellent features and technology it sports.

6. Juki Exceed F600 Quilt Pro

This computerized sewing machine is admirable with the long extension table that allows you to quilt large projects. This one is an all-in large throat sewing machine that can do everything: sewing, quilting, and embroidery.

Juki Exceed F600 Quilt Pro

This one from Juki allows you to have some flexibility by having different speed control or by using a foot pedal, but it is capable of 900 stitches per minute.


  • It includes a very long extension table
  • Allows you variety in speeds
  • Very durable
  • Can do sewing, quilting, and embroidery
  • Excellent, smooth stitching
  • Excellent settings


  • The sewing machine is loud when you operate it.

Verdict: This one is highly efficient in sewing, quilting, and embroidery, and it has all the packages you may need in a large throat sewing machine. It has perfect settings that can give you various options.

It may be loud, but this sewing machine might be fine if you can live with it.

7. Janome 1600P-QC Quilting Machine: The Best Quality Stitch

This second entry from Janome fits the bill if you want one that provides the best quality stitches. Though this one only provides a straight stitch, it is the most excellent one.

Janome 1600P-QC Quilting Machine


  • Instant movement needle
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • Very durable
  • It includes a built-in knee lifter
  • Seamless and smooth sewing


  • You cannot drop the feed dogs
  • Only straight stitch
  • The bobbin is larger than the usual size
  • Extension table not included
  • Presser foot not included
  • Free arm not included

Verdict: If you want one that can give quality stitches and do not mind spending extra on other essential features like arm or presser foot, this one is suitable for you.

Things You Need To Consider In Buying A Large Throat Sewing Machine

Among the things you need to look at when purchasing a large throat quilting machine are the following:

How Wide Is The Throat?

Of course, we have already settled it, but the thing with this is that you need to find the right throat gap appropriate for your project or material. Some projects may require a far wider throat than the usual 9 inches or ten inches most large throat quilting machines have.

A huge throat will save you time, for you need not fold or change the position of the fabric. Another thing that makes a vast throat better than others is that it gives you enough leeway when dealing with multi-layer material.

How Powerful Is The Motor?

You need to seamlessly and smoothly, but even if you can save time with a large throat, you may lose some if you do not have a powerful motor. An excellent, powerful engine allows you to deal and sew with the fabric in no time.

An extensive throat and powerful motor save a lot of time and allow you to deal with the project as quickly as possible.

How Long Is The Extension Table?

A large throat and powerful motor could be optimized if you have a longer extension cable. It means you have larger space to operate, allowing you to sew smoothly.

Folding the fabric as you quilt may be troublesome, hassle, and time-consuming. You can have smooth sewing if you need not deal with those troubles by having a long extension table.

Final Words

This buying guide shows that large throat sewing machines are not that hard to find. But every sewing machine is different and has its pros and cons.

But each is effective and can give you the needed stitch and fantastic quilting experience that you want in any computerized sewing machine. All you need to do is balance everything and see if one sewing machine fits you.

Some are also more expensive than others, and some are relatively cheaper. Striking the right balance depends on the user as to whether he will need that kind of sewing machine and whether the price is reasonable for the service it could give.

But all of them are among the best. All can provide an excellent working space for your project and give you the stitch, quilt, or decorative embroidery you may need.

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