Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

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Brother sewing machines are famous worldwide due to their durability, performance, and, most of all, their cutting-edge technology.

Their mantra is to simplify things while enriching living experiences, and those living experiences include sewing and embroidery.

They manufacture some of the better sewing machines today. Still, they are even more famous due to their embroidery machines, which provide excellent features and many options for artists, sewists, and crafters.

They made sewing and embroidery easier, even as the embroidery machine further enhanced the crafter’s skill and talent.

Among the most popular is the Brother PE880, a pure embroidery machine suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

But what makes it a popular embroidery machine?

What are its features, and is it one of the better embroidery machines, not only from Brother but overall?

The Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE 800 is a computerized, pure embroidery machine that has captivated the sewing industry since its release in 2018.

Since then, it has been in demand worldwide, and online websites have been selling this distinguished embroidery machine from Brother, like pancakes.

Brother PE800

What makes Brother PE appealing to many is its attractive design. It is more of a toy than an embroidery machine.

Most crafters find it cute; add to that its soothing design and color of immaculate white.

Despite other embroidery machines with better features hitting the market, the Brother PE800 never truly lost its appeal.

It’s high time to look at those features and see if there is something special about them.

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Main Features of Brother PE800

This computerized pure embroidery machine weighs around 17 pounds, the average weight of many embroidery machines.

The white color perfectly exemplifies its simplicity, an excellent feature that adds to the aesthetic appeal of Brother PE800.

But even better, it boasts 138 dazzling embroidery designs; included are numerous florals, quilts, and scrolls that the user can use for his embroidery.

It has 11 fonts, seven in English, three in Japanese, and one in Cyrillic.

The advanced technology it features is nothing spectacular. However, the features greatly help the users, like the 3.2 inches LCD screen, which allows for better navigation and easy operability of the embroidery machine.

More interesting are the extensive design editing features that allow the sewists to rotate the image and customize its size according to their needs.

It also has built-in memory, which is necessary for uploading memory designs from USB.

The embroidery machine sports an embroidery foot, a bobbin sensor, and an upper thread sensor.

It also has an automatic thread tension, automatic needle threader, and an automatic thread cutter, saving the sewist time.

The package includes an embroidery hoop (5″ x7″), four bobbins, a bobbin cover, a cleaning brush, a seam ripper, a screwdriver, and spool caps.

The maximum embroidery area is thirty-five square inches (5×7). That is below the usual embroidery area of some elite machines but is considerably more extensive than the smaller 4×4, which some embroidery machines have.

Besides its aesthetic look, the user-friendly features and the embroidery patterns are probably the key attractions.

The advanced technology is not exceptional but provides much comfort and operability; Brother PE800 also contains many accessories.

But what about performance?

Performance of Brother PE800

The features suggest that it is primarily for beginners and intermediate users, though it sports a larger embroidery area than the usual thing afforded to novices.

It has a speed of 650 stitches per minute and no slouch, but it is not as fast as other embroidery machines.

But we can claim that for the intended users, not only it is enough, it might be ideal. If the users are, at most, intermediate or casual hobbyists, it will do better to have a speed that suits their skill.

It provides quality, consistent stitching for the users, which is very important in an embroidery machine. That guarantees excellence in the finished product, which needs to be aesthetically appealing more than any other.

With enough speed and excellent stitching, the crafter can maximize all the embroidery designs that the machine has. And it can put into optimal use all its customization features.

The result is an excellent sewing project, one made through the skilled hands of the sewist but done with great comfort and convenience, with minimal hassle.

How Durable is the Brother PE800?

One feature that stands out is no complaints about its durability. Like most Brother embroidery and sewing machines, this one is sturdy, solid, and durable.

Brother PE800

Considering its look, it might not be apparent at first glance.

But appearances can be deceiving, as they say: Brother PE800 embroidery machine is one of the more formidable machines that came out of the Brother International Corporation.


Excellent Features

For its intended purpose, providing hobbyists, beginners, and intermediate users with an impressive embroidery machine, this one passes the test with flying colors.

It may not have the dazzling fast stitch speed nor a large working area that others have, but it has qualities that make it appealing to many users.

The user-friendly features and easy operability are a must, especially for beginners.

Many do not want to deal with the hassles of putting threads on the needle or adjusting the thread tension.

Most want to sit there and do the sewing, not deal with other aspects as much as possible.

The embroidery machine can do just that; it can save a lot of time for the user, which means more embroidery activities, more sewing projects, and finished materials.

The Appearance

Something in its look makes it appealing to most users as if enticing them to buy. Maybe it is the unassuming appearance of a machine that seems not to promise much but excellently performing.

Or that kind of appearance makes it appear as if it is fragile, ready to break at an instant, and yet possesses that durability, an undoubtedly reliable machine.

Or maybe the toy-like appearance, which suggests easy operability and user-friendliness

For beginners, the choice is easy between an embroidery machine that is imposing and looks like a complicated one and an embroidery machine that offers easy operability.


The Embroidery Area

We mentioned that the embroidery area is ideal for those beginners and intermediate users, and rightly so.

But with an efficient embroidery machine such as this, it is regrettable not to have a wider embroidery area.

That separates the Brother PE800 from its more distinguished embroidery machine counterparts.

If this has a broader area, it can do a larger design, and the user can further maximize the machine, but a 5×7 working area limits this possibility.

The Price

Some people consider this a bit pricey at almost nine hundred dollars, not because it is genuinely so, but because most features present here are also available in cheaper embroidery machines.

In buying this Brother machine, some think you may be paying too much, or at least more than the product’s worth.

There is no reason you should go for an expensive one when a cheaper alternative providing the same features is available, so their logic goes.

It is hard to argue against that. Suffice it to say, however, that Brother embroidery machines are very reliable, and part of what you are paying for is due to the reputation of being reliable and efficient.

And add the fact that it is a genuine, high-performing embroidery machine that delivers on its promise. Would a difference of a hundred dollars or two make the difference?

Why Buy Brother PE800?

You may buy Brother PE800 and enjoy it if you are:

A Sewist Who Loves An Efficient Embroidery Machine

If you are a sewist who wants to put delicate embroidery as a finishing touch to your sewing project, you might do well having this machine.

Easy to use and operate, with time-saving features, you can also have a lot of options for an embroidery design and do embroidery with much comfort and less hassle.

A Beginner in Embroidery

You can enjoy this one, mainly its user-friendly features and advanced technology.

With its embroidery area, you can have the ideal working space to work on the embroidery designs or your idea.

Beginner in Embroidery

The design options and the fonts are of great help, and so are the automatic features.

As a beginner, you can fully concentrate on your craft and will not have unnecessary distractions.

Some may find the price prohibitive for a beginner, but if it can give you comfort and if the machine is excellent and high-performing, like Brother PE800, it is worth it.

A Casual Hobbyist

If you enjoy doing these things as a hobby or pastime, you will enjoy having Brother PE800.

It can do quality decorative stitches and deliver excellent, exemplary sewing projects, especially if you are adept and skilled.

With its built-in embroidery designs and USB port, you will have limitless options for your hobby. All you have to do is take hold of this machine, operate it, and do embroidery.

Conclusion: Is Brother PE800 Worth Having?

Considering what it brings to the table, it is one worth having; It is excellent in performance, durable and reliable, and it can do quality, consistent stitching.

With this one, you can get everything you want on an embroidery machine: lock, stock, and barrel.

And this one has a look to match the performance: the task to do stitching that will appeal to the artistic sensibilities of people; this embroidery machine is equally aesthetically appealing. And it comes with many accessories, so this one is a grand slam package.

If you are among those users mentioned, there is absolutely no way you can go wrong with Brother PE800.

Talking about features, it may not be the elite of embroidery machines, but its performance can compare with the best.

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