Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

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Many sewists and hobbyists are fond of Brother sewing machines because they employ advanced, cutting-edge technology that makes their sewing machines comfortable and easy.

Brother machines have those things, but at the same time remain excellently performing, delivering consistent, quality stitches we all love.

They sport excellent geometry, and many have elegant designs, which add to their appeal. They are durable, sturdy, and very reliable, but they are mostly affordable, making them available to the general public.

Brother SE600 might be the epitome of everything we mentioned. Many Brother SE600 reviews talked about its positive features, what it contributes to the table, and some drawbacks.

To those, we will add our own Brother SE600 sewing machine review.

We will discuss its features and what makes it stand out. Finally, we will discuss whether it is worth having or better than other sewing and embroidery machines.

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The Brother SE600

Since Brother SE600 hit the market in 2017, sewists and hobbyists have continued to love it. Its simple features and cute but unassuming look mask this machine’s efficiency and high performance.


It always makes it to the top choices among either embroidery or combo machines, and in 2018 was commended as the top choice by customers for an embroidery machine.

There are a lot of things that people love about this machine.

Brother SE600 is what stands between the Brother SE400, the most budget-friendly and beginner-friendly sewing and embroidery machine, and the Brother SE1900, Brother’s high-end, advanced computerized sewing machine. As such, it has both the excellent features of those machines.

Let us look closely at the main features of this combo machine to fully understand what makes it appealing to many sewists and hobbyists.

Brother SE600 Review: The Main Features

One that stands out, and is noted by most Brother SE600 reviews, is that this machine has all the features that appeal to and benefit beginners and advanced users alike.

But at first glance, that does not seem to be the case. With its pure white color, this one looks cute and seems fancy, but as a famous movie series suggests, appearances can be deceiving.

For it has a lot of features than its usual looks suggest. It has 80 embroidery designs, not much, but enough for one with excellent sewing qualities.

It has a speed of 400 stitches per minute for embroidery.

For sewing, it has 103 built-in stitches and a speed of 710 stitches per minute. It has a nice throat and a free arm, which adds to the general working area; it has an embroidery area of 4×4 inches.

Some may think that the embroidery designs are too few, but you can upload any embroidery design because it has a USB port. Still, those embroidery designs are enough for a beginner sewist, similar to the built-in stitches.

Another wonderful thing, you can customize and edit those embroidery designs using its excellent LCD touchscreen. In effect, you can have limitless embroidery options if you use Brother SE600.

Going back to 80 embroidery designs, it has characters from movie series like Marvel and Star Wars. Having them as design options is marvelous if you are a fan of those movie franchises.

Aside from designs and stitches, it has excellent features any sewist would love. It has an automatic needle threader, an LED-lit area for greater visibility, and a superb bobbin system.

Included in the accessories are seven presser feet; this allows you to take on various sewing projects. There is also a needle set, four bobbins, a seam ripper, a cleaning brush, embroidery thread, and others.

The Performance of Brother SE600

Like any Brother sewing machine, it is easy to use and operate; the advanced technology, like LCD touch screen and LED lights, lends itself to easy operability. It is the same thing with automatic features like a needle threader.

It can give you precise, high-quality stitches. If you measure the machine by stitches and nothing else, it can provide any machine, sewing, embroidery, or combo, a run for its money.

But you also measure speed, and in this aspect, Brother SE600 may falter a bit; it is not the fastest combo machine. But it is considerably quicker in embroidery than Brother SE400.

How Durable Is Brother SE600?

One thing that might be against this machine is the lack of a hard case. It will be best if you are extra careful when you move it, for it is not the lightest machine, you need to protect it.

How Durable Is Brother SE600

This machine embroidery is not a heavy-duty sewing machine, but it can handle a lot of work. It can take on numerous sewing projects and do embroidery designs daily, and with multiple features that make it easier for you to sew, you will never have a hard time.

Going back to the question, it is as durable as heavy-duty machines, but in any case, Brother offers a 25-year warranty and has available technical support in case of problems. That should have got you covered.

The Pros of Brother SE 600

Easier to Use and Operate

It should surprise no one, for Brother prides itself on simplifying things and enriching the experience of anyone who uses its products.

This one is no exception, and all the excellent features and advanced technology promise to make the lives of sewists comfortable.

Though there might be some issues with mastering the interface, it should be smooth sewing for you once you get the grip.

It Is Very Efficient

It can handle sewing and embroidery projects, but it is fantastic to take both excellently. Excellent stitching is the mark of an incredible machine, and there is no doubt as to the capabilities of Brother SE600.

The 710 sewing speed is not that much of a problem, but it may turn off those who want a faster machine. But those who are satisfied with its speed can enjoy everything that it offers in terms of performance.

Provides Many Options

The Marvel and Star Wars embroidery designs are just a bonus, for it offers limitless options due to the USB port, and even better, you can customize and edit them too. The 103 built-in stitches provide many stitch options, especially for a combo machine like this.

The accessories and features also provide the user with various sewing functions. It has seven presser feet and a free arm; you can do quilting and free-motion sewing.

There are also six lettering fonts for the user.

The Cons Of Brother SE600

Small Embroidery Area

It will have been better if Brother SE600 has a larger embroidery area. It means larger embroidery designs, and the sewist can further optimize its features.

Unfortunately, it only has 4×4 inches of the embroidery work area. With all the excellent features of this sewing machine, such a small area becomes regrettable.

It Is Not Portable

Brother SE600 computerized sewing machine, at more than 25 pounds, is something we cannot consider portable. It may not be heavy, but it is not one that you bring in camping, out-of-town, or sewing classes.

So Why Buy Brother SE600?

You will enjoy using the Brother SE600 machine if you are:

A Sewist Who Loves An Efficient Combo Machine

This one gives you the best of both worlds; it is efficient in sewing and embroidery, has many features, and is easy to use. It is not cheap, but it has an excellent sewing machine-price ratio.

If you are satisfied with everything we mentioned, there is no reason not to like this.

You Are A Beginner Who Wants An Excellent Combo Machine

You are just starting to sew and learning to do embroidery, and you want one that is as easy to use as possible. Better start with this one, for it has excellent stitching and speed for beginners.


The options are many but not overwhelming, and once you become genuinely adept, you can start customizing your designs.

A Hobbyist Who Wants To Deal With A Variety Of Designs

This one is ideal if you want a combo machine that can give you fun, repairing some clothes and garments or decorating them.

It has the right features, not that complicated to use, so you can operate it and deal with those things in no time.

You can experiment with specific designs and embroider Marvel or Star Wars characters on the clothes of your children, siblings, or any fan you know.

And since it has options for editing and customizing designs, you have limitless options for experimentation.


We cannot say that this is the best combo machine or embroidery sewing machine, but most Brother SE600 reviews have it rated highly.

Rightly so, for it is one of the more excellent combo machines, having incredible features and a reasonable price.

It provides you with plenty of options for designs and stitches and gives you the chance to customize any embroidery design. It has excellent accessories and features that allow for various sewing functions.

You cannot exhaust all the possibilities this machine offers, but we must add this one is also durable. And Brother offers a 25-year warranty and customer care service if ever something with the sewing machine goes wrong.

It does not come cheap; some may consider it pricey at four hundred dollars. But considering the performance, the options it gives you, its versatility, the accessories, and the sewing functions, it is worth it.

We can say that this one has a fair and reasonable price; it is truly worth having. The only drawback is the small embroidery area, but everything else considered, this one is awesome.

No wonder Brother has this as one of their top sellers.

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