Singer M1150 Review – The Best Sewing Machine for Beginners?

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A Singer Sewing machine is one of the more famous household products worldwide; it is synonymous with the sewing machine itself.

Generation upon generation has used the brand, for it is reliable, highly efficient, and provides quality stitching for homes and industries.

We can never go wrong with Singer; it can provide us with all our needs, talking about sewing whether parts, equipment, machines, materials, they all have it, and at prices most reasonable and fair.

The Singer M1150 is one of their most affordable products. They have sewing equipment, probably for all ages, but no doubt for all skill types so we can ask, is the Singer M1150 worth having?

The Singer M1150

The Singer M1150 is a sewing machine for beginners or novices; for those who are just beginning to learn to sew and use a sewing machine.

Their skills are not at par with intermediate and advanced users.

Singer M1150

A sewing machine for beginners exhibits simple, easy-to-use features, one that can make the device operable but at the same time will further develop the skills of the sewist.

It is not a computerized sewing machine and does not feature many options not to overwhelm the user with many alternatives.

What it does is it allows the user to master the basics of the sewing machine.

Once the sewist masters the device, he can go on from a beginner’s sewing machine to a more advanced type that sports many features and options.

Our question is whether Singer M1150 is the best Singer sewing machine for beginners.

What needs resolving is whether Singer M1150 can give an enjoyable sewing experience to would-be sewists and, at the same time, enhance and develop the sewing skills of a beginner.

Looking at the Singer M1150

The Features Of Singer M1150

This Singer sewing machine’s most excellent aspect and feature is its weight. It is so light that you can practically bring it anywhere, inside the house, when you are out of town or camping somewhere.

It s portable, but you need electricity to power it, so be sure you have electricity wherever you bring it.

The instructional manual is precise as it can be: from the overview of the machine to the set-up to the description of the parts. There is also a discussion on other built-in accessories, freebies, and other safety features.

Singer M1150 Box

For those who do not have any idea what a portable sewing machine is, kids and those beginners, for instance, the instructional manual would be great. An extended version of it is also available online.

Among its accessories are three kinds of bobbin: a bobbin thread brush, seam ripper, and spool pin.

It also has a free arm and a screwdriver for removing the needle plate, presser foot holder, or needle screw.

The machine comes with needles and a power cord. It has three presser feet: an all-purpose presser foot, a zipper foot, and a four-step buttonhole foot.

The best thing about them is that the instructional manual tells us about them, which is very helpful for beginners.

It has 45 built-in stitches, just enough for the beginner to have as many options for stitching. The beginner need not be overwhelmed, but he needs some options as preliminary for the future sewing task; with far more extensive options, he can begin the training with 45 stitches.

Performance of the Machine

As a Singer sewing machine for beginners, it does not pack as much power as a heavy-duty sewing machine or even for intermediate ones. But for beginners, it is more than enough.


It can handle different fabric types, from thinner to heavy ones. There is instruction on what kind of needles and thread you must use for a particular type of fabric.

 But it is very adept at handling noticeably lightweight fabrics, fine cotton, silk, muslin, in short, any type or material you use for casual wear and everyday use.

It can sew thread on medium-weight fabrics, like those firm woven, polyester, linen, and the like.

But it is not adept at handling tough fabric or is not as efficient as when sewing thread on lightweight material such as cotton. But it can take on even those multi-layered fabrics.

Predictably, it does not pack much and is not as fast as those other sewing machines, especially for intermediate and advanced users.

But this is understandable, considering that it is one made for those who are just starting or learning to sew.

How Durable is it?

It is made of lightweight materials, portable, and not that heavy. It is not for heavy-duty sewing but for practicing, training, and hobby.

For its purpose, we can say that it can stand the rigor and frequency of use.

But it is not long-lasting, for sure; it is not those you buy for durability. You buy it to train and develop your skill as a sewist.

Once you can sew, you are ready to move on to a more durable sewing machine with more features.


Easy to Operate

The manual is of great help; even starters who do not know what sewing is or have not seen a sewing machine can learn to operate it in no time.

The basic instructions are available anywhere because Singer has uploaded the instructional manual on the internet.

Basic Features

The basic features of the Singer M1150 are as simple as they can be, so you need not deal with other aspects of the sewing machine.

All you need to do is set up the sewing machine according to instructions, put it in place, and then sew; adjusting thread tension poses no difficulties.

The simple features, like a simple stitch selection and the preset stitch length, are ideal because you can deal exclusively with sewing per see.

Dealing with other elements can provide a lot of distraction, which you may not need if you are learning to sew.

Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and portable, it is handy too, so you need not worry about bringing it.

It is also tiny, so it does not eat up much space; this one would be perfect for your sewing class, seminars, and workshops.

Very Affordable

Sewing machines for beginners are usually affordable, but this one costs below one hundred dollars; toys and other things are probably more expensive than this one.

Even the other one for beginners, the Singer M1500 sewing machine, is more expensive.

But you can use it for quite a while, for your hobby, and to become a master sewist someday. The best thing is, it comes from Singer, a singer sewing machine costing this less is a bargain.


Not Heavy Duty

Once you learn to sew with great skill and efficiency, you want to do more sewing. You want to try new materials, engage in a larger sewing project, and use the sewing machine as frequently as possible.

Unfortunately, the Singer M1150 is not for heavy-duty sewing. You may need another sewing machine, the ones used by intermediate and even advanced users.

Not for Very Thick Fabrics

It can sew some thick fabrics, not that many, but worse, it cannot be ideal for very thick ones, those very thick types of denim, blankets, and other garments of tough fabric.

Not Ideal for Large Sewing Projects

You can make repairs in Singer M1150 and even make your sewing project, but its features are not suited for extensive sewing projects. It is not a match for the ones that may need far sewing thread capabilities, more power, and more speed.

Again, other sewing machines are more appropriate for that.

So Why Buy Singer M1150?

You may need Singer M1150 and benefit from it because:

You Are A Beginner

You will benefit immensely because its features suit that of a novice: simple, easy to operate, handy, lightweight, portable, and can take light sewing projects.

If you are a beginner, those are the things you need for a sewing machine, and Singer M1150 is like that.

You need a machine to train your sewing skills.

Maybe you know something about sewing and sewing machines, but you still need to polish your skills. You are not yet adept at handling sewing machines for advanced or intermediate users.

A machine like Singer M1150 to train and polish your skills is best: it is not a demanding sewing machine but very affordable.

Repairing clothes and designing stitches is your hobby

If you want to deal with your skirt, put some design, or work on some decorative stitch, the Singer M1150 can help you with that.

It can take on a light sewing project pretty well and is simple enough to operate and work on those things.


You do not need a heavy-duty sewing machine for those purposes; one as simple as Singer M1150 can take care of it.


There is a reason why there are sewing machines for beginners, and Singer M1150 could be the ideal sewing machine for them.

It has the right features, weight, and price, suited for the need and skills of a beginner.

Hobbyists and those who love doing simple repairs on clothes and other garments would love to have this sewing machine by their side.

They can enjoy employing the straight stitch feature of this machine, a decorative stitch on the clothes, or stitching plain text or flowing text on the garment.

Sewing is a fantastic hobby; some people love to sew, although their skills are not that of an advanced or intermediate user.

Many consider sewing an art, and those with a good sewing machine would do well to have this hobby.

Advanced users will not enjoy it for sure, but never mind, there are sewing machines for them. But if they want to spread the joy and fun of sewing, this one is an ideal gift too.

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