Best Computerized Sewing Machines

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Significant advances in technology in the modern era give us sewists an excellent sewing machine capable of simplifying some tasks and, at the same time, enriching our sewing experience.

Whereas before we only have mechanical sewing machines, now we have computerized sewing machines.

A computerized sewing machine has many advanced features, can do things automatically, whether stitches or any embroidery design and allows you to handle any sewing project, big or small.

Computerization may be the mark of the modern era, but for sewing machines, computerized ones make our tasks simpler but more efficient.

But what is the best computerized sewing machine on the market today?

In a nutshell, the best computerized sewing machine can give what you need, is very efficient, high-quality, and exhibits an excellent machine-price ratio.

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The Best Computerized Sewing Machine: Our Top Picks

Here is the list of what could be the ideal computerized machine for you in every category.

1. Brother CS7000X: Best for Beginners

If you are new to a computerized sewing machine, it is better to start with the most basic, simple one, a sewing machine that you can quickly master.

And there is no better way than starting with Brother CS7000x, which probably has the most user-friendly features needed by beginners.


It has 70 built-in stitches, not the most by any standard, but enough as you start sewing in a computerized machine.

It can run up to 750 stitches per minute, ideal for those just mastering an automated sewing machine, but a speed adjuster is available if you find it still too fast.

It has excellent accessories, ten presser feet, and an extended table. Some features, like the automatic needle threader and the drop-in top bobbin, will make your overall sewing experience comfortable.


  • It is effortless and straightforward to use and operate, ideal for first-time sewists in a computerized machine.
  • There are many accessories available.
  • If you want to do some quilting, you can use its large throat and extensive table.
  • It is very durable.
  • It is very light and portable.
  • It is very affordable.


  • The speed of 750 stitches per minute may be slow, especially for those used to a mechanical sewing machine with breakneck sewing speed.

Verdict: What makes this Brother sewing machine a cut above the rest for beginners is that it is the latest version of two other Brother computerized machines, the Brother CS6000i and the Brother CS7000i.

Concerning features, there is not much of a significant difference, but this one is more durable and efficient.

And for starters, you need not spend that much on this type of machine. The best thing still is that it can handle many materials, large or small, or any sewing project.

2. Brother SE1900: Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine

If you are looking for the best-computerized sewing and embroidery machine, many consider Brother SE1900 to be the gold standard.

It is highly efficient, has a lot of options, has a decent embroidery area, durable, and is very comfortable to use.

Brother SE1900

The computer features are excellent; it has a fantastic LCD screen that will show you more than a hundred embroidery designs and more than two hundred stitch options.

It has impressive LED lights that allow for greater visibility so that you can work all day.

It has all the needed accessories, like seven presser feet and a knee lifter. Its features, like a needle threader, automatic thread tension, and reverse stitching, are impressive.


  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • The automatic features are impressive.
  • Its advanced technology makes for a far more comfortable sewing and embroidery experience.
  • It has a lot of options; 240 built-in stitches, six alphabet fonts, and 138 embroidery designs.
  • Its performance is excellent and can do high-precision, quality, consistent stitching.


  • Some find the price pretty expensive.
  • Some may find the 5×7 inches embroidery area to be small.ย 

Verdict: The working area is not as big as others and only a tad wider than 4×4 inches. But it is a genuinely formidable machine talking about what a computerized sewing machine can do.

The best thing is that it is also an embroidery machine, which makes the Brother SE1900 a bit expensive.

Overall, this machine can give sewing and embroidery enthusiasts a great experience and a fine sewing project.

3. Janome Memory Craft 400E: The Best Computerized Embroidery Machine

If you want a pure, automatic embroidery machine, this one from Janome offers a lot.

It has a broader embroidery area, has an excellent speed for an embroidery machine, and has a lot of impressive advanced technology features and accessories.

Janome Memory Craft 400E

Embroidery designs are a must for this type of computerized machine, and editing them is the most attractive feature of this Janome memory craft.

But aside from editing, it also boasts excellent automatic features, like jump stitch, programming, thread cutting, and needle threader.

A Janome sewing machine prides itself on precision stitching and accuracy, and this one is no exception. The needle glides smoothly across the fabric, perfectly, regardless of speed.


  • This one provides precise and accurate stitching.
  • It has 160 embroidery designs and six fonts for monogramming.
  • Its automatic features allow for editing designs.
  • It runs smoothly on the fabric, regardless of speed.
  • The 7.9×7.9 inches embroidery area is perfect.


  • It is costly.
  • It would help if you had some time to master the features.
  • Suited mainly for advanced users.

Verdict: Embroidery machines make excellent use of computer technology, and Janome Memory Craft 400E may be the embroidery machine that maximizes what it offers.

The computerized machine combines your embroidery skill with its excellent editing capabilities and precise and accurate stitching.

The result would be a fine piece of embroidery, though some may complain that it may come at a cost. But no one will complain about this machine’s quality and efficiency.

4. Juki HZL F600: Best Overall

If you want one that packs excellent performance, can deal with any sewing projects, can power thread into any fabric, has speed, and provides many options, this is the best machine. Juki HZL F600 has all that and more.


To call this one heavy duty is an understatement; it is an absolute powerhouse, but one that provides you with a lot of options and comfort.

It has more than 200 built-in stitches, 16 automatic buttonholes, and four fonts for lettering, all while stitching up to a high of 900 stitches per minute.

But you can control speed, which is one of its better features but included also are 10 Snap-on presser feet, a user-friendly LCD, and various accessories that can make your sewing fun and enjoyable.


  • It has excellent performance and speed and can do consistent, quality stitching.
  • Its automatic features, particularly those computerized ones, are impressive.
  • It is sturdy, solid, and durable.
  • The sewist has a multitude of stitch options.
  • You can customize your stitch pattern and decorative stitches.
  • It has an excellent sewing machine-price ratio.


  • You might need some time to master the machine.
  • More suited to advance users.

Verdict: This machine offers many options, and you can maximize everything it provides because it is durable and long-lasting. It can take on a lot of work and do various sewing projects constantly.

The price of this computerized sewing machine hovers at around one grand, depending on the online seller.

Some may find it a bit expensive, but with this machine, you get probably more for so much less, and with this being the top option, it is reasonable.

5. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960: Best Sewing and Quilting Machine

Most sewing machines can be quilting machines as long as it has extensive throat and a long table to serve as a working area; in that case, this one from Singer may top them all.

It is a user-friendly computerized sewing machine with advanced computer technology but is also very suited for quilting.


The features are astonishing: 1,172 stitch applications, with five lettering alphabets and 13 buttonholes; this one has 600 built-in stitches, definitely a wide array of options. But it also has a lot of accessories, like several sewing feet and an extension table.

The presser feet, like the quilting foot and darning foot, allow you to do quilting and free-motion sewing at the maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute.

This one is made of metal and is very durable and sturdy; you need not worry about noise, too, for this one is a silent operator.


  • It provides the sewist with many options for stitch applications and patterns.
  • It has many accessories, like several presser feet and an extended table.
  • It is very durable, solid, and sturdy.
  • Its automatic features are excellent.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It is best for advanced users.

Verdict: It has many options, an excellent speed, and is durable and reliable. Like most Singer sewing machines, the features enhance the user’s sewing capabilities.

The advanced computer features provide the sewist with a wide range of possibilities for sewing.

Considering what it offers, it is reasonably priced, but its features and options are primarily well-suited for advanced or at least intermediate users. It is also well-suited for those engaged in quilting.

Things You Need to Consider

You need to look for some things if you consider having a computerized sewing machine; among these are:

Available Features

You will buy a computerized one because it may have features not present in a mechanical sewing machine, or you want the comfort and convenience usually associated with it. If that is the case, you better look for those features.

For instance, embroidery machines contain many designs, but not all offer customization, and some do not have embroidery software. Others are computerized but still do not have some automatic features, while some others have them.


If a machine is expensive, it also has many accessories, but not all will contain everything you want. Depending on the brand, some may have a lot of sewing feet; others may only have a few.

Others will have an extended table, while others do not even have a free arm. Whatever the case, you need to look at the accessories and see if the computerized sewing machine has what you want and need.

Convenience and Comfort

Part of the appeal of computerized ones is that it provides convenience and comfort to the sewist.

Though essentials like quality and performance are non-negotiable, it is still imperative that you have one that is comfortable and convenient for you.

Having a computerized sewing machine that is so complicated to use defeats the very purpose of having one.

Before buying, ensure that it is suited for you or has features that will make it easier for you to use.


We said that the best-computerized sewing machine could give you what you want and need, deliver excellent performance, and have excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Everything reviewed here has outstanding performance and is of the best quality; some are inexpensive, while others are costly but still reasonable.

But what you want and need will ultimately depend on your purpose and skillset. But whatever the case may be, there is always a computerized sewing machine that will suit you.

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