Brother CS6000i vs CS7000i vs CS7000X – Review & Comparison

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Many sewing machines are available today; some are top-of-the-line and high quality.

Those sewing machines are in demand because they can deliver the best quality stitches and make excellent sewing projects of all types, stitching all kinds of fabrics.

And Brother has been coming out with the best of them, producing high-quality sewing machines of all kinds and all types for all skill levels.

The Brother CS6000i, Brother CS 7000i, and CS7000X are the more famous among those sewing machines.

Which among the three is the best Brother sewing machine, and which may suit your sewing needs? Let us compare the three and which one will work for you.

Brother International Corporation

In their own words, Brother International Corporation has been around for more than a century, providing quality home products, office equipment, and industrial needs not only here but worldwide.

What they manufacture “simplify and enrich lives”; that is, they make things easier but simultaneously allow you to have fun and joy.

You know they are faithful to their mantra the moment you browse their products; their website is easy to navigate and allows you to find what you are looking for in a short span.

Of course, their sewing machines and crafting products epitomize the simplify and enrich adage: they are the most user-friendly in the industry.

Brother CS7000i, CS6000i, and Brother CS7000x all share those characteristics and carry with them the good name of their company.

But which among them is the best, or which is ideal for sewists and hobbyists?

Brother CS7000i vs. Brother CS6000i vs. Brother CS7000x: All Models at Glance

Let us make a detailed comparison between the three and see what they offer us.

1. Brother CS7000i

Brother CS7000i
  • A computerized sewing machine weighing 13lbs
  • 70 built-in stitches: that includes utility, quilting, decorative, and heirloom
  • It has ten sewing feet, namely zipper feet, zigzag feet, walking feet, ¼ piecing feet, button sewing feet, buttonhole feet, spring action quilting feet, monogramming feet, blind stitching feet, and overcasting feet.
  • It has a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute.
  • It has an adjustable sewing speed control.
  • Accessories include ten presser feet, hardcover, extension table, screwdriver, needle pack, and instruction manual.
  • It has an LCD
  • Has LED light
  • It has a movable free arm.
  • It has an automatic needle threader.
  • The price is $219.99

2. Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i
  • A computerized sewing machine weighing 13 lbs
  • 60 built-in stitches
  • 9 Sewing and quilting feet
  • It has a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute
  • LCD with user-friendly stitch selector
  • It has an automatic needle threader
  • It has a wide table
  • It has a built-in free arm
  • Has an LED
  • The price is $209.99

3. Brother CS7000X

Brother CS7000X
  • A computerized sewing machine weighing 10 lbs
  • It has 70 built-in stitches, including utility, quilting, decorative, and heirloom.
  • It comes with ten sewing feet: zigzag feet, buttonhole feet, zipper feet, button sewing feet, overcasting feet, blind stitch, ¼ piecing, walking, and monogramming.
  • It has a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute.
  • It has an automatic needle threader.
  • It has an adjustable sewing speed control.
  • It has an extended table.
  • It has a quickset drop-in top bobbin.
  • Accessories include ten presser feet, and it comes with an instruction manual.
  • The price is $219.99


If we look at their features, we can deduce some apparent similarities. Among these are:

The Target User

We can deduce that it is for beginners and starters and, at best, for intermediate users.

By intermediate users, we mean here not necessarily of inferior talent or skill, but rather those who engage in sewing and quilting now and then as a hobby, not for business.

The number of built-in stitches offers many options for the user, but it does not provide the same as that meant for advanced users or those using heavy-duty sewing machines.

But they offer just above those allotted for beginners.

The speed is ideal for those using it for a hobby, making designs, and repairs. It does not overwhelm the user, but no slouch either; it is not slow.

The speed suggests that it is for those beginning to learn, people with a certain level or skill, or those who do not bother about speed. The adjustable sewing speed control provides much help.

Nearly the Same Features

Brother CS 7000i, Cs6000i, and Brother CS7000x sport nearly the same features, with some exceptions, as we will deal with later. As such, we can expect almost the same performance from the three.

They have the same LCD features with the same operability, has a wide table for the working area, and have nearly the same available sewing feet. The accessories they offer are also the same.

They also afford the same comfort and operability and gives the user what it wants, an excellent, good-quality sewing machine from Brother International Corporation.


The metal frame is far more durable than other sewing machines for this level. It has a certain speed and power but does not exhibit the high performance of other advanced, elite sewing machines.

Nevertheless, being of the same build, we can deduce that the three exhibit the same durability.


They are among the most affordable ones in the market at more than two hundred dollars, especially considering that these machines are from Brother.

They are certainly not a bargain, but they have just the right features for that price; we can say the prices are reasonable and fair.

Brother CS7000i and Brother CS7000x have the same price, while CS6000i is cheaper by ten dollars more or less.

With two being the same price and one not that of significant margin, Brother International Corporation, in a way, suggests to us that there is no vital, qualitative difference between the three.

Not vital and qualitative, but there are differences nevertheless.

Key Differences

There are some differences between them; among these are:

Built-in Stitches

The Brother CS 7000 and CS7000x have 70 built-in stitches, while the CS6000i has only sixty. That is a significant difference between them.

The CS6000i provides lesser stitching options for the user, which means fewer available functional stitches and decorative stitches and designs.

Sewing Feet

Again, the Brother CS7000i and CS70000x have the same sewing feet; they have ten, whereas the CS6000i only has nine.

But this is only expected, considering that CS6000i has lesser built-in stitches, and some stitches require a unique sewing foot,

The ¼ piecing foot is the one missing from CS60000i. This one is for quilting tops, usually used for garments for toys and babies.

So, if you are into making sewing projects like that, CS6000i may not be the one for you.

These two differences could account for the difference in pricing. CS6000i is cheaper by around ten dollars on the Brother International Corporation website and other online stores.


All are very lightweight and portable, but whereas both Brother CS7000i and CS6000i have the same weight, the Brother CS7000x, at 10.5 lbs, is significantly lighter by a kilo.

That makes the Brother CS7000x the ideal sewing machine for those attending sewing classes, seminars, workshops, or people who like to sew anywhere.

It may not matter that much, but since Brother CS7000i and CS70000x have the same price and features, they may become a factor among sewists and hobbyists.

Why Buy Brother CS7000i

You may buy this instead of the other two because it has all the features you need for sewing.

As a beginner or intermediate sewist, you will need all the 70 stitch options and all the ten sewing feet it offers.

You will need them for stitching, design, and quilting, but you do not need a lighter one because you only sew primarily at home. So for your need, the Brother CS7000i is more than enough.

Why Buy Brother CS6000i

You may buy Brother CS6000i because it is cheaper than the other two.

It may be heavier than CS70000x, but it does not matter; for you, what is essential is that you can do some repairs on your skinny jeans and sew them at home.

The extra ten built-in stitches and the ¼ piecing footing may also not matter; you do not deal with baby clothes and doll garments.

But you occasionally deal with some middleweight and very few heavy fabrics; what the CS6000i offers is enough.

Why Buy Brother CS7000x

You may buy it because it is the same price as Brother CS7000i, has the same features, and can also deal with the same fabrics. There is no significant difference between the two.

Except that CS7000x is significantly lighter than the other two, by more than a kilo.

It may not be that much, but it may matter if you are a beginner and attend sewing classes or workshops to exhibit your sewing project.

This one is for you if you think an extra two pounds is cumbersome, and having a lighter sewing machine is way better on the way to vacation or out of town.

You will benefit from this machine if you like to pursue sewing and quilting anywhere.


If we talk about performance, quality, and reliability, there is no significant difference between these three Brother sewing machines.

All can perform at a high level and exhibit the same durability expected of a sewing machine at this price.

The difference lies in other aspects: limited options like sewing foot and stitches, weight, and prices. If those things are important to you, that may matter in choosing one of the Brother sewing machines.

But if not, you can choose any of the Brother CS7000i, Brother CS6000i, or Brother 70000x. They are all excellent, reliable, and durable.

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