Top 5 Best Brother Sewing Machines [Reviews]

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Brother sewing machines are one of the more popular brands of sewing machines worldwide.

Its user-friendly features, durability, cutting-edge technology, and affordability endeared the brand to throngs of sewists, artisans, and hobbyists, making it a household name.

But is it worth it to have a Brother sewing machine? Or are its sewing machines overrated and do not offer that much to us?

Our reviews on Brother sewing machines will examine some of the finest they offer, their pros and cons, and whether it is worth having one.

But first, let us look at the company itself.

The Brother International Corporation: An Overview

The Brother International Corporation has been around for over a century and provided people across generations with various products, primarily office supplies and sewing equipment.

It is one of the leading innovators in the industrial field and has made cutting-edge technology that revolutionized office work and the sewing experience.

Its mantra is to create products that โ€œsimplify and enrich lives:โ€ they make things easy while making that activity worthwhile and fruitful.

This motto is evident when you see Brother sewing machines: they exemplify simplicity, comfort, and ease, even as they remain top quality and provide excellent high performance.

They give solutions to every problem, which is why their sewing machines are always on the side of comfort and utility, minimizing hassles while providing features that can optimize the skill and talent of the sewist.

No wonder most reviews of Brother sewing machines, from expert ones to fans, always give them high ratings.

Reviews on Brother Sewing Machines: Our Top Picks

Adding our voice to the chorus, here are our thoughts on the Brother sewing machines:

1. Brother XM2701: Best For Beginners

If we have to choose one that can hook a beginner into being a lifelong hobbyist and sewist, this might be the best brother sewing machine.

At around a hundred dollars, it has simple features, enough to enjoy sewing but enough to pique the interest of new users, to ask for more.

Brother XM2701

It has 27 built-in stitches, enough to familiarize the novice with some patterns, but it can run up to 800 stitches per minute, enough speed for the beginner to enjoy.

Its automatic features, like the needle threader and the bobbin system, make it easy for a beginner, allowing him to concentrate and spend energy on sewing.

At more than 12 pounds, it is very light though still not lightweight as other Brother sewing machines; it is enough to be portable.

It could be ideal for a sewing class or a workshop, but wherever, this one makes for easy, comfortable sewing.


  • Its simple features make it easy to use and learn sewing.
  • It is very light and portable, ideal for sewing anywhere.
  • It has excellent automatic features.
  • It is very affordable.
  • The 800 stitches per minute sewing speed suits would-be sewists.
  • It has six sewing feet.


  • It is not as durable as other Brother sewing machines.

Verdict: Considering its price and purpose, we can forgive the fact that it is not as durable as others. At around a hundred dollars, and even less in some, we do not expect it to last a lifetime, but it is stable compared to others of the same price.

And with its limited features, a beginner who finally masters the art would probably move on to a more advanced sewing machine. Brother XM2701, however, is a good introduction, and sewists have nothing but praise for it.

2. Brother CS7000x: Most User-Friendly

This one is a favorite of hobbyists, especially those who cater to Brother sewing machines.

That is understandable, for it is an upgraded version of two other famous Brother computerized sewing machines: Brother CS6000i and Brother CS7000i.

Brother CS7000x

This one has excellent features that sewists of all skills would love: excellent automatic features and computerized technology that makes it very user-friendly.

It also has enough speed and just the right amount of options for stitches, one that will not overwhelm the user.

But most users love this computerized machine because it has a nice throat and an extended free arm that allows for various uses, especially quilting.

It also has ten presser feet, which makes it ideal for sewing a variety of sewing projects and in dealing with many types of fabric.


  • It is excellent for both beginners and advanced users and is loved especially by quilters.
  • It has an extended table and throat ideal for a quilting project.
  • It has impressive automatic features that make for easy operability.
  • It has ten presser feet.
  • It can deal with many materials and handle various fabric types.
  • It is even lighter at 10.5 lbs and is portable.
  • Despite the weight, it is durable.
  • It is very affordable at just above two hundred dollars.


  • Despite the cons, this is not your elite, high-end sewing machine.
  • It is slower than its predecessor, Brother CS6000i and Brother CS7000i.

Verdict: Despite those downsides, you cannot ask for more for this machine, especially its price. Of course, it cannot compare with other elite sewing machines, but it can give most of them a run for their money.

No wonder reviews on Brother sewing machines always have this one as their favorite, if not the top choice. Considering the price and features, you can feel it is a bargain.

3. Brother PQ1500SL: Best Heavy Duty

This one is a powerful mechanical sewing machine that is very fast and provides a large working area for any sewist or quilter.

Having many accessories attracts many serious sewing aficionados to this sewing machine.

Brother PQ1500SL

It can run up to 1500 stitches per minute and has an excellent thread cutter, a bobbin system, a knee lifter, and an excellent feeding system. It has a manual tension thread and adjustable presser foot too.

The accessories include seven presser feet, five bobbins, two screwdrivers, a knee lifter, a dust cover, and more.

The most excellent add-on may be the extended table, which can significantly enlarge your working area.


  • It is a high-speed sewing machine.
  • It provides consistent, quality stitching. The stitches from this machine are probably one of the best.
  • It is a silent operator with almost no noise and vibrations.
  • It has many accessories.
  • It has an excellent working area, ideal for any large sewing project.
  • It can handle tough fabrics such as denim and leather.
  • It has a great sewing machine-price ratio.


  • It is only a straight stitch machine; it cannot do zigzag stitch or others.
  • It does not have the advanced features of other Brother sewing machines.
  • It is not easy to use and operate.
  • It is primarily ideal for advanced users.

Verdict: Like many heavy-duty sewing machines, this one is primarily for people who already possess great sewing and quilting skills.

Be as it may, once you master the art of sewing, you can enjoy the perks of having Brother PQ1500SL.

The sewing projects and fabric it can take are not ideal for beginners; they are handled chiefly by skilled, expert hands.

But despite that, it is relatively cheaper than other sewing machines performing at that high level.

4. Brother SE400: Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine

Hundreds have rated Brother SE400, and nearly all of them are satisfied, if not truly exhilarated, by the performance of Brother SE400.

People love what it offers, and despite limited features, it is still one of the most preferred Brother sewing machines anywhere.

Brother SE400

Unlike others, it will not flood you with options: it has 67 built-in stitches and 70 embroidery designs, not that many but just enough.

The five monogramming fonts and the 120 frame pattern combinations make it different from others.

You can only optimize options if the machine is easy to use and user-friendly, which is precisely what this machine offers.

Almost all reviews praise that aspect, and ours are no exception; it is indeed one of the most user-friendly sewing machines today.


  • It is effortless to use and operate.
  • At 10.9 pounds, it is one of the lightest combo machines.
  • It has a USB port that allows you to upload embroidery designs.
  • It has excellent automatic features, like an automatic needle threader.
  • The package includes many accessories.
  • It has a great sewing machine-price ratio.


  • It has a small hoop area (4ร—4 inches) for an embroidery machine.

Verdict: Talking about sales, this is the ultimate Brother sewing machine: this one sells like pancakes.

The easy-to-use features, simplicity, and excellent technology combine to give the user a great sewing and embroidery experience.

And part of the allure is the excellent sewing machine-price ratio; it does not cost that much compared to others.

But for all its outstanding features, this one looks cute too, which makes it appealing to many hobbyists.

5. Brother LX3817: Best Price

If you want a simple Brother machine, which is very cheap and inexpensive but still of decent quality, if not excellent, then this is the sewing machine you need.

It is so simple but has quite a speed and provides you 17 stitch options, not that many, but enough to enjoy and have fun in sewing.

Brother LX3817

It also includes four presser feet which you can use in dealing with some sewing projects, but it is also very light at nearly eleven pounds. It also has some accessories, like a free arm.

This one is as simple as it can be; installation of some features like bobbins is uncomplicated.

Even if it does not have other advanced features, this one is easy to use and portable; you can bring it anywhere.


  • It has simple features any die-hard sewing hobbyist can enjoy.
  • It has a speed of 850 stitches per minute, quite fast for this very inexpensive sewing machine.
  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • It is very affordable; its price is below one hundred dollars on some online websites.


  • It does not have features for advanced users.

Verdict: You cannot expect much for a sewing machine priced below a hundred dollars. And those who want elite, heavy-duty, or ones with many advanced features can choose other Brother sewing machines; this is for those who want to sew in their spare time.

You need not spend that much if you want to have some straight stitches here and there or make some repairs on your garments. Doing that kind of sewing, Brother LX3817, is more than enough.

Conclusion: Is A Brother Sewing Machine Worth Having?

If we look at Brother sewing machine reviews, whether by experts or customers, they are nearly in unison in saying that at least one or some of Brother sewing machines are worth having. Again, our reviews on Brother sewing machines are no exception.

They are of excellent quality, have power and speed, and provide you with an array of options for sewing.

They give you comfort and a great sewing experience and do not pose much hassle in any sewing activity.

The best thing is that you can have those Brother sewing machines at an affordable price. Rare is the expensive Brother machines, and even then, they are all worth the price.

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