The Best Embroidery Machines for Your Home

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Embroidery is fun; it is a very fulfilling pastime, no wonder many engage in it to see what kind of fine arts their delicate hands could create.

But with embroidery machines, the activity is even better: one can make the finest material out of the designs and features of an embroidery machine.

And embroidery machines can speel the difference in speed and quantity, but comparing embroidery machines might be pretty tricky.

They have features and technology differing from each other, but it is challenging to answer whether they can result in a better sewing project.

Before dealing with the best embroidery machines in the market today, let us first deal with it: what is an embroidery machine, and why is it essential to have one or a combo machine, aside from the usual regular sewing machine?

What is an Embroidery Machine?

An embroidery machine stitches embroidery designs on a sewing project. That is what it amounts to, but that says nothing: the embroidery machine escapes that simple definition.

It does not tell, for instance, how it differs from a regular sewing machine. It also varies in purpose and structure: The embroidery machine needs an embroidery area where you can stitch those designs.

The threads employed also differ: a more colorful design means more colorful lines employed.

The presser foot you use is different: regular sewing machines use a flat presser foot, whereas embroidery machines usually use a round presser foot for embroidery designs.

These are already essential differences, but there are more. Since it has embroidery designs, an embroidery machine is also a computerized sewing machine.

They have advanced features and employ superior technology in making stitches, from previewing the design to stitching.

Optimizing technology is where lies the big difference. Still, the best thing about technology is that it is now possible to have a machine that can do both regular and embroidery sewing.

These are combo machines, and they can have distinct features for sewing, even as they can do both.

They differ in function and features, but now through technology, it is possible to have them in one machine.

Nevertheless, some would prefer a pure regular sewing machine and a pure embroidery machine than have both in a single piece of equipment.

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The Best Embroidery Machine for Your Home: Our Top Picks

Let us compare embroidery machines and see which is best for your home.

1. Brother SE400: Best Price Sewing And Embroidery Machine

This one is the favorite of all fans of Brother sewing machines, and why not?

It has excellent sewing capabilities, but it has reliable embroidery features, one that suits most beginners and novices in sewing and embroidery.

Brother SE400

It has just enough options: 70 embroidery designs and 67 built-in stitches, and five lettering fonts, all of which are accessible through LCD, and you can also customize, resize, or edit those images according to your liking.

If you want your design, or something else, you can plug it into your computer and add designs from the net.

It has excellent advanced features, like an automatic bobbin system and an automatic thread cutter.

It has LED lights to give you incredible visibility as you work and a 4×4 embroidery area, enough to put some small embroidery designs on your sewing project.


  • It provides good options for stitching and embroidery designs for beginners.
  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • The automatic thread cutter is excellent.
  • It has lovely LED lights for greater visibility.
  • You can upload designs.


  • Some find the 4×4 inches embroidery area too small.

Verdict: This one is a fan favorite because it does not ask much of the sewist but delivers high performance and provides excellent options for the beginner.

The only real drawback is the small embroidery space, but this is a machine that beginners enjoy.

You can also have fun in this one if you are an advanced sewist who does not work on larger sewing projects.

Since you can plug it into your computer, you can have limitless options talking about embroidery designs.

2. Brother SE 1900: Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine

If you want one that offers you the best of both worlds but can take a ton of work and provide you with many options while having a decent embroidery area, this one suits you.

Brother SE1900 has all the features that make it the most formidable combo machine.


The stitch options at 240 and then embroidery designs of 138 are impeccable.

Add to that the speed of 850 stitches per minute for sewing and many accessories and advanced features; you can understand why many have this as their dream machine.

It has an impressive LCD screen for viewing designs and amazing LED lights for visibility.

Accessories like a knee lifter and a free arm give you an extensive working area, making this one an effective quilting machine too.


  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • It has advanced features (automatic needle threader, excellent bobbin system, automatic needle threader, etc.).
  • The advanced technology it employs is impressive.
  • It has many accessories (eight presser feet, extended free arm, etc.)
  • It provides you with many stitch options and embroidery designs.
  • It has six alphabet fonts.
  • It gives quality stitching both for sewing and embroidery.


  • It is pretty expensive compared to others.
  • It only has 5×7 inches embroidery area.

Verdict: Its embroidery area is not that bad, but considering its fantastic features and excellent performance, you wish you have more. But then it will add already to its total weight of 38 lbs.

Compared to others, it is expensive, but this one already belongs to the top-tier Brother embroidery machine.

It is laden with all impressive features and advanced technology and is considered the best combo machine.

3. Janome Memory Craft 500E Best Overall

We consider this Janome sewing machine the best, for it gives you the best in embroidery and can give any embroidery machines a run for their money.

At 20 lbs, this embroidery machine can handle any large embroidery project and still have the best power, efficiency, excellence, and speed.

Janome Memory Craft 500E

Its embroidery area, at 7.9×11 inches, is among the largest. Still, it has excellent length and throat, allowing you to handle various sewing projects and simultaneously be more creative.

Add the options it offers you to those things, like the 160 built-in embroidery designs and two and three-letter monogramming.

Then add that it is effortless to operate and has all those user-friendly features; it is easy to understand why this one is highly-rated.


  • It is user-friendly and has excellent advanced features that make it easy to operate.
  • It has a large, extensive working area.
  • Speed control is available so that you can sew at your own pace.
  • You can upload your designs.
  • It provides you with excellent options for stitching and embroidery designs.


  • It is costly.

Verdict: It has speed, is excellently performing and has user-friendly features that make it ideal for home use.

Others may have those features, but this Janome memory craft is just several notches higher.

You cannot ask for more, except that they offer a discount, and reduce their price to make it more affordable.

4. Brother PE800: Most User-Friendly

Other embroidery machines come and go, and some become outdated, but Brother PE800 has never lost its appeal, remains one of the most sought after, and continues to sell.

Part of its appeal is it is very comfortable to use, probably the most user-friendly machine embroidery you can have at home.


The good thing about it is that Brother PE800 does not surrender that aspect, even if it provides excellent options and has an impressive performance.

It has 138 embroidery designs that contain florals, quilts, and scrolls.

ย It has an astonishing seven fonts in three languages: one in Cyrillic, 7 in English, and you have 3 in Japanese.

But you can only optimize those options if the machine lends itself easily to the sewists, which is the case with this Brother machine.

You can edit and customize your designs, and it has a memory to store whatever embroidery design you want.

It also has advanced features, which are enjoyable not only for beginners but even for intermediate and advanced users.


  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • It has excellent advanced features, like an automatic needle threader, bobbin sensor, automatic thread tension, etc.
  • This Brother embroidery machine comes with a lot of accessories.
  • It has an impressive array of embroidery designs.
  • Its advanced technology is outstanding, from the colorful LCD to the editing features.


  • Some do not like its sewing machine-price ratio.
  • It only has a 5×7 inches embroidery area.

Verdict: Most of its fans wish it has a larger embroidery area precisely because it is an excellent Brother sewing machine; many think sewists can maximize its features if it has one.

In any case, this one continues to be a top-seller for Brother four years after its release.

It is because it offers a lot and makes everything easier for the sewist, never mind the price.

5. Bernette B79: Best Computerized

If you are a techie and want a sewing and embroidery machine that employs a lot of advanced technology, then this one from Bernette could be your ideal choice.

You can program and customize your embroidery designs and stitches using LCD, but you can also do it on others, like thread cutting and seam finishing.


This computerized machine gives you many options, like 500 built-in stitches and 208 embroidery designs, and has editing features that allow you to customize them.

But the best thing is that it can run up to 1000 stitches per minute in an embroidery area measuring 10×6.3 inches.

That large embroidery area can optimize all this embroidery machine’s impressive, excellent features.


  • It has a large embroidery area.
  • It is fast and ideal for finishing embroidery tasks quickly.
  • It has excellent sewing capabilities too.
  • It has advanced technology that makes for easier sewing and embroidery.
  • It has a large table available.
  • Editing features are fantastic.


  • It takes time to master the advanced technology and its features.
  • It is costly.

Verdict: This combo machine offers advanced technology and a large working area for embroidery and sewing.

It may be better than others, but the very high price of more than two thousand dollars is a real downside.

Nevertheless, if you have money and are willing to spend for a home embroidery that has probably the finest technology available, this one is among the best.


When we compare embroidery machines, we have to balance everything: our need, skillset, the quality and performance of the embroidery machine, its features, and the price.

The perfect balance would be the one which you can consider to be perfect, the best embroidery machine for you.

This embroidery machine review gives you the idea of the best in every category, their pros and cons, and what they offer on the table. Each has its selling point, but all of them are very reliable.

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