6 Best Manual Leather Sewing Machines

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Despite advancements in computerized technology, the world cannot do away with manual leather sewing machines.

There are a lot of advantages and intangibles that a manual sewing machine offers, among which are improved coordination, better control, and age-old techniques which resist computerization.

The leather industry is one of the businesses that continue to benefit from more human intervention, for most still employ a manual leather sewing machine to create specific products.

They have the advantages we already mentioned, but aside from it, a manual leather sewing machine is different from an ordinary sewing machine.

Why Manual Leather Sewing Machine?

A manual leather sewing machine is one specifically made for leather. Leather is a unique material, totally different from the usual or thicker fabric used in textile industry garments.

It requires more power, is heavier, and requires different thread types. The needle used is not the same too.

The industrial leather sewing machine has a faster stitch rate, at around 3000 stitches per minute, uses a walking foot presser foot type, and employs a longer stitch length.

It is considerably louder than your ordinary sewing machines and requires attention and maintenance much more often than your usual sewing machine.

A manual leather sewing machine is entirely different, for it deals with another material. But overall, the mechanism and operation of stitching are pretty much the same.

Best Manual Leather Sewing Machines: Our Top Picks

1. The Tippmann Boss Leather Hand Stitcher: Best For Repairing Leather

This handheld sewing machine can power its way through leather or any thick fabric, but even better, it can go through some thick material, like nylon, sheepskin, and urethane.

You need not bother yourself with anything electrical because this machine is self-sufficient.

The Tippmann Boss Leather Hand Stitcher

Pulling the handle is what it takes, and you complete a lock stitch as you pull the handle. You need not worry about stitch lengths and thread sizes; you can easily adjust those aspects.


  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Exact and accurate stitching
  • Can power its way through layers of leather
  • Adjustable stitch lengths and thread sizes
  • Very self-sufficient
  • Very durable, with its aluminum casting
  • Adequate for crafting and repairing
  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent design makes it very handy


  • For what it offers, it might be pretty expensive
  • It has a shorter throat area.

Verdict: Having a shorter throat area is a real drawback, but precisely because Tippinman Boss Leather is very accurate and provides detailed, good, quality stitching.

You need to fold the material just in case, and folding leather and other thicker fabrics are pretty challenging.

2. YEQIN Leather Patcher Sewing Machine: The Best Dual Machine 

This machine is specifically for leather crafters and artists, and it has the option of either being operated by hand or by a motor.

Whatever the case may be, you can have the desired leather crafting you wanted out of this machine.

YEQIN Leather Patcher Sewing Machine

This crank-operated sewing machine can have a sewing speed of up to 500 stitches per minute, and even as a manual leather sewing machine, it could be quite as effective.

It has a stitch length of 5mm and weighs around 66 pounds.

Its best feature is the extensive throat area, just a shade below 12 inches. That makes it ideal for crafting all leather goods, like bags, wallets, saddles, shoes, and leather jackets.


  • Dual options: could behand and motor-powered
  • Has an extensive throat area
  • Horizontal cylinder
  • Ideal for leather crafters


  • You need to assemble it.

Verdict: This one is for leather crafters, and there is no need for you to buy it if what you have in mind is repair only. It can do that, yes, but you can not optimize the YEQIN Leather Patcher if you will only use it for repair.

It is a heavy-duty machine suited for stitching leathers designed, crafted, and produced by leather artists. 

3. Master Tool Cub Manual Sewing Machine: The Best Overall

This handheld leather sewing machine also features a crank wheel that makes it easier to power needles through leather and other thick fabrics.

The design makes it easy to make stitches, whether nylon, leather, or different types of canvas.

Master Tool Cub Manual Sewing Machine

It is a heavy-duty leather sewing machine with a cylinder arm that can stitch from 1/8” to ¾” inch of material; very thick indeed, but it does not matter.

Weighing around 55 lbs, it includes a pack of needles, a bobbin winder, 4 oz spools of white thread, two bobbins, and an Allen wrench for assembling.


  • It can power the needle through thick fabrics like leather, nylon, canvas, etc.
  • Stitch adjustment is from 4 inches to nine inches.
  • It can perform quality, consistent stitching.
  • Easy to use and operate
  • It has a limited lifetime guarantee
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Built with cast steel housing
  • Perfect for artisans and hobbyists, and ideal too for repairs.
  • It is portable, and you can bring it anywhere.


  • Pretty expensive considering what it offers

Verdict: The Master Tool Cub is durable and long-lasting. But most importantly, you hand a handy leather sewing machine that can power its way through various thick materials, leather included.

And unlike others that are only very efficient for repair or leather crafting, Master Tool Cub can be effective at both. It may be expensive, considering the parts and what it offers, but it can provide a lot.

4. Olenyer Shoe Sewing Machine Leather Handheld Repair: The Best Priced

A manual leather sewing machine could be about a particular product or material. It does not need to deal with leather shoes only; it can deal with bags, belts, wallets, and the like.

Olenyer Shoe Sewing Machine Leather Handheld Repair

This one from Olenyer is our best bet for shoe repair, and this might be the cheapest, least expensive alternative for sewing and making repairs for leather shoes.

It can power through leather and other thick fabrics.

That, however, should not blind you from the excellent features that make it ideal for that purpose.


  • Easy to assemble and is of excellent quality
  • The cast iron material makes it durable
  • Handy and easy to operate
  • Considerably lighter than other manual leather sewing machines.
  • Wide range of applications: You can sew from leather shoes to bags, raincoats, and others.
  • Very much affordable


  • Cleaning and maintenance are a bit time-consuming

Verdict: It does not offer much, but this manual leather sewing machine still has many applications. You get a lot for more than a hundred dollars.

Some consider it a bargain, others do not, mainly because it may take some time cleaning it and keeping it in condition.

But considering that you get a lot and have a quality leather sewing machine for so low a price, this one is not bad at all.

5. DNYSYSJ Industrial Hand Crank Patch Leather Sewing Machine: The Most Versatile

This industrial sewing machine can handle a variety of materials, from leather to plastic, as well as a variety of products, from shoes to toys.

The best thing about it is that it can sew 500 stitches per minute and has a throat of nearly 12 inches.

DNYSYSJ Industrial Hand Crank Patch Leather Sewing Machine

 It can handle various products more than other manual leather sewing machines.


  • Very durable
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Has an extensive throat area
  • It can power through thick leather and other thicker materials like plastic, rubber, canvas, and the like.
  • It can deal with various products, from leather products to footwear like shoes, boots, and other items like slippers and bags.
  • It has a 360-degree rotating presser foot, ideal for sewing in any direction.


  • The barrel sewing table is pretty small
  • There are questions regarding its quality

Verdict: The main selling point of this leather sewing machine is its ability to sew in through thick material, leather included. This one is fine for this alone, though it may not be one of the best.

Considering the price (It sells above five hundred dollars in Walmart), you can think of it as a bargain or an indication of its overall quality.

Talking about sewing, however, it offers a lot, way more than other sewing machines having the same price.

6. Techtongda Leather Sewing Machine: The Best Quality

This one also has a large throat but performs excellently and has better stitching quality and more consistency. It is far more durable than others but has the same simplicity and operability.

Techtongda Leather Sewing Machine

This one can easily sew leather, but its primary specialty is crafting and repairing leather goods.

But it is also adept at handling other materials such as plastic, rubber, and canvas and can efficiently deal with products, ranging from shoes and boots to luggage.


  • Very durable
  • Can deal with a wide range of materials and products
  • It has a vast throat
  • It has a smooth thread routing and pattern stitch
  • Easy to operate and control, it allows for more precision stitching.


  • It might be pretty expensive for what it can offer.

Verdict: This one is nearly the same as that of Industrial Hand Crank, but this one is more expensive ($649 at Walmart). It is also more durable and provides more quality and consistent stitching.

 You get much for a hundred dollars more.

Things to Consider When Buying A Manual Leather Sewing Machine

There are at least three things to consider why you will buy a particular machine, either leather or industrial sewing machine. These are:

The Need

Why will you buy a manual leather sewing machine? Is it for repair, crafting, or doing business?

Depending on your answer to this question, you may decide whether to buy an industrial leather sewing machine or one specifically suited for home use and repair.

The Sewing Area

Those doing repairs may settle for smaller, handheld leather sewing machines; they are economical when it comes to space. If you need those for crafting, you may need more space.

In that case, you must consider whether you have the space needed. If you don’t have one, you may need to shop for smaller devices but still can perform the same task of crafting leather.

The Price

The manual leather sewing machine price ranges from one hundred dollars to as high as $1,000. Be as it may, you need not buy an expensive one if the material or the particular purpose could be handled by a cheaper one.

It will help if you are diligent since there may not be a significant difference between many manual leather sewing machines, talking about quality. You may get a few advantages for the cost of a hundred dollars or more, but that’s about it.


A manual leather sewing machine differs from an ordinary and computerized sewing machine. Nevertheless, those machines abound in the market, and it is easy to get one of good quality, suited for the leather material and particular use.

The best thing about it is you do not need to spend that much having one. If you do your homework, you can get a quality one for a price that is way cheaper and less expensive.

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